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Preview: Gracie & The Valley // Album Review

The upcoming album from Nashville based indie pop group Gracie & The Valley is a flowing series of intuitive discoveries. From the initial spark of a newfound love to the glowing honeymoon stage, from the slow erosion of emotions to leaving nothing behind but the shaken shell of what was once a blooming flower, Chrysanthemum captures both the golden and the gloomy, the sweet and the sour of a relationship as it blooms and withers through the seasons.


Misty Eyed // Friday Feature

The new EP, Eurydice, from the hard rock quartet Misty Eyed dropped today! We’re excited to share our thoughts on the tracks, along with an exclusive interview with the band in today’s Feature Friday.

Having recently shared the stage with big name artists like Lamb of God and more local acts like The Funeral Portrait, ATL based Misty Eyed are busy laying a solid groundwork on which to build their career.

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Emery // Show Review + Photos

Emery’s tour with He Is Legend, The Bad Christian Podcast, and Vocal Few stopped in Nashville for a night of high energy and fun at Exit/In.


Autumn Andersen // EP Review

Michigan native Autumn Andersen released her second EP, Oh Michigan, on October 20th, 2018. Oh Michigan holds a very modest five songs, each one unique in its own way, and includes the two previously released singles, “Michigan” and “Maybe Moving On.” Although the entire EP relies on an acoustic indie-folk vibe, listeners will get a new sound in each song.


Premiere: Ghost in the Willow // Single + Video

While one should never live in the past, it’s nice to reflect back from time to time on the enjoyable experiences that you’ve had thus far in life. For some people, however, the past is a painful place, and one that’s best left alone. The new music video from Phoenix, AZ based folk punk singer-songwriter Ghost in the Willow (Gil Rodriguez) explores the latter with a back and forth between the good old days and a midlife crisis.

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Vinyl Theatre // Show Review + Photos

On October 28th, in a small venue in downtown Orlando, Florida, Vinyl Theatre took to the stage adorned in flashy astronaut inspired spacesuits, each one unique to the three members. Before the band stormed the stage, an S.O.S. type of audio track played through the venue. The voice in the audio spoke about a space fleet awaiting a signal, keeping with the overall theme of the band’s most recent album: Starcruiser.


Grant Duncan // Album Review

The latest full length album from Tokyo based artist Grant Duncan is here! Having been released on November 1st, Early Morning Rise has an easy going autumnal air to it. As with his previous releases, Grant delivers simple, groovy rhythms that are reminiscent of classic rock household names.


Premiere: Kenna // Floodgates

Nashville by way of Maryland singer-songwriter Kenna will be releasing her second single, “Floodgates,” on November 9th. We had the opportunity to listen to this track early, and are happy to be premiering it to you today!


Cloudmouth + Basic Printer // Show Review + Photos

The Basement is, quite literally, a basement. Not to be confused with it’s relative, The Basement East, The Basement boasts a mere 100-ish capacity, and a close quarters feel.

Kicking off their set with a poll to figure out if the crowd thought that acoustic guitars or synthesizers were better, Cloudmouth’s vocalist / guitarist Kyle Numann had the audience laughing with jovial stage banter between band mates. This two band bill mixed genres from distant eras, yet common ground could be found in the sheer experimentalism present with each artist.