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Single Review: Brea // Rockin With U

The start of the new year signals the start of big plans: resolutions, setting goals, and getting clear with your vision takes priority for the better part of January. For Brea, a Nashville based pop artist, 2019 is already off to a bright start. Her upbeat debut single “Rockin With U” was released on New Years Day, and is accompanied by an equally energetic music video.


Guitars 4 Gifts // Feature Friday

Happy Friday, ya’ll (or whatever day of the week it is where you are when you’re reading this)! Today, I’d like to introduce you to Anna Clark. Anna lives in Nashville, TN, and she’s making moves in the music scene, although not in the way that you might think. While Anna is a singer-songwriter, she’s also directly involved in the local community when it comes to making music accessible to all.


Premiere: Kenna // In The Grey

Kenna is a singer-songwriter residing in Nashville, TN. She’s originally from Maryland, and is releasing In The Grey on December 7th, with an album release show schedule the night before in the True Music Room at Nashville’s Cambria Hotel. We’re happy to announce that you can stream In The Grey today exclusively through Out From The Pine Box!

Under The Light Cover Art.jpg

Premiere: Phöenix Lazare // Under The Light

Carving out space in what can be an oversaturated city is no easy task, and Nashville’s Phöenix Lazare proves that hard work and determination yield tangible results. Phöenix resides in Music City, works at a label, holds a degree from Berklee College Of Music, and is set to release her new single “Under The Light” on December 7th.

You can exclusively stream “Under The Light” right here at Out From The Pine box! You can also read an interview with Phöenix where we talk Berklee, where to catch a killer show in Nashville, and more.

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Emery // Show Review + Photos

Emery’s tour with He Is Legend, The Bad Christian Podcast, and Vocal Few stopped in Nashville for a night of high energy and fun at Exit/In.

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Gracie & The Valley // Show Review + Photos

On November 16th, we found ourselves back at The Basement for Gracie & They Valley’s album release show. Their new album, Chrysanthemum, is fueled by indie pop with emotion-driven lyrics and vulnerability.


Lonesome Town Drifters // Album Review

Punk rock band Lonesome Town Drifters, aka LTD, hail from Nashville, Tennessee. The band performed at FEST in Florida at the end of last month, and released their newest album, Greyed Out, on October 18th. The 11 track album consists of authentic high energy songs. LTD is made up of vocalist / guitarist Eric, aka “Eric 7,” along with guitarist Nate Benardino, bassist Shawn Wiggins, and drummer Aaron Benson.


Premiere: Ghost in the Willow // Single + Video

While one should never live in the past, it’s nice to reflect back from time to time on the enjoyable experiences that you’ve had thus far in life. For some people, however, the past is a painful place, and one that’s best left alone. The new music video from Phoenix, AZ based folk punk singer-songwriter Ghost in the Willow (Gil Rodriguez) explores the latter with a back and forth between the good old days and a midlife crisis.


Cloudmouth + Basic Printer // Show Review + Photos

The Basement is, quite literally, a basement. Not to be confused with it’s relative, The Basement East, The Basement boasts a mere 100-ish capacity, and a close quarters feel.

Kicking off their set with a poll to figure out if the crowd thought that acoustic guitars or synthesizers were better, Cloudmouth’s vocalist / guitarist Kyle Numann had the audience laughing with jovial stage banter between band mates. This two band bill mixed genres from distant eras, yet common ground could be found in the sheer experimentalism present with each artist.