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BLED FEST // Hartland Performing Arts Center // Show Review


BLED FEST has occurred annually in Michigan for the past 14 years, with the past 11 years taking place at the Hartland Performing Arts Center. This high school turned community center serves as the home for this day long festival that this year hosted a total of five stages spread throughout classrooms, a cafeteria, and even the buildings main lobby. Hello, rock and roll high school!  

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Vans Warped Tour // Preview

Each summer there's a sense of magic when stepping into the Vans Warped Tour, and 2018 will be no exception. It's the end of an era, and while it'll be bittersweet it'll also be nostalgic as fuck. The tour kicks off on Thursday, June 21 in Pomona, CA, and is set to travel across the country with the last date being on Sunday, August 5 in West Palm Beach, FL.

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The Wonder Years // Cannery Ballroom // Show Review

The Wonder Years are currently on tour in support of their latest album, Sister Cities, with support from Tigers Jaw, Tiny Moving Parts, and Worriers. We caught their show at Cannery Ballroom, which has become the home for many of The Wonder Years recent performances in Music City. 


Ryan Cassata // Daughter // Music Video + Interview

Ryan Cassata is an LGBTQIA+ activist who has been in the music world for close to a decade, and has been on YouTube for even longer. With countless television appearances, public speaking events, and concerts under his belt, it's clear that Ryan is making an impact with his motivational and inspirational message of acceptance and self love.


Marona + Hotel Colors Split

Pensacola based artists Marona and Hotel Colors released a six track split together earlier this month. Marona takes their name from vocalist Nathan's last name, and the bands drummer, Eric Moeller, doubles as solo artist Hotel Colors. This split is well suited for rainy day listening when you're feeling introspective and reserved.


Darth Nater // Feature Friday

Buffalo based singer-songwriter Nate Noworyta has been releasing music under the clever name Darth Nater for the past seven years, with his most recent release having come out at the end of March. A Century Ago, aptly titled due to entire album revolving around events that happened (you guessed it) a century ago, is an indie folk fueled trip through time that proves to be a guide of the most detail oriented sorts.


 A Werewolf Aware Wolf // On Better Days // Album Review

If you've ever wanted an emo surf rock crossover, you're in luck. If you're just now entertaining that thought and thinking "Why the heck would I want that?" well, my friend, hear me out. A Werewolf Aware Wolf, a four piece based out of Tallahassee, FL, recently released their debut EP, On Better Days. This four track EP removes the rose colored glasses that are so often donned and instead takes a realistic approach to channeling those emotions that you sometimes don't want to entertain, all while mixing elements of indie, alt rock, emo, and, you guessed it, surf rock. 


Pumpkinseed // Interview

With Pumpkinseed's new album release approaching (it drops on June 15th, ya'll!), I had the opportunity to chat with vocalist / guitarist Daniel Gardner about how the album came together, influential artists, tour plans, and more! 


Young Rising Sons // Interview

Young Rising Sons, an alternative indie rock trio from New Jersey, have stepped back into the spot light after their hiatus. Comprised of vocalist / guitarist Andy Tongren, bassist Julian Dimagiba, and drummer Steve Patrick, the band has recently released two new songs, "Noise" and "Whiskey," with the promise of an EP in the very near future.