Early Humans // S/T

Written by J.M

Artist: Early Humans

Album: S/T

Release date: November 15, 2017

Label: Zugzwang Records

The self-titled debut album from Nashville-based indie pop rock band Early Humans feels like blazing sun, dusty shoes, and sweaty bodies pressed together in front of a festival stage.

Some of the songs, like "Waste My Mind" have a slightly 70's vibe and other songs, like "Look At What A Mess We’ve Made of Love", are reminiscent of Blink 182 and early Smash Mouth with sing-speaking in very simple, repetitive melodies that are nevertheless catchy and engaging. The vocals are heavily supplemented by electric guitar in most songs, often with parallel rhythm phrases.

Lyrically, some of the songs are more complex and original than others, and those songs usually correspond to increased originality in the music as well. Tracks like “What a Waste” weave a fantastical story-scape (“Things that crawl in the night / all the children are scared of the demons and monsters / attracting their stares in a hellish dimension that baffles me still / like the night in the springtime when I am at peace”) and have a slightly psychedelic instrumental undertone.

Other songs, like “Sexy Lexi”, have much more straightforward, bubble gum-y lyrics (“Whoa oh / I think I'm caving in / I hope you'll understand if I can't stop crumbling / c'mon you're too sexy for me now ”) and follow a more classic pop punk formula.

Overall, Early Humans is a solid debut that without a doubt makes for a great concert, however little about it makes Early Humans stand out in a sea of similar releases this year. 

You can give Early Humans a listen on both Soptify and Bandcamp