Fever Blush // Remember, Forget

Written by J.M

Artist: Fever Blush

EP: Remember, Forget

Release date: November 30, 2017

Label: Unsigned


Remember, Forget, the two-track EP from Nashville-based four piece, Fever Blush, feels like an indie movie soundtrack, both cinematic and understated. 

The two songs cleverly follow the tone suggested by the title, with "Remember" being a bit brighter and jauntier, and "Forget" more somber. In several moments, particularly in "Forget," the band sounds remarkably similar to Sleeper Agent -- from the vocals to the musical phrasing -- but with a more muffled, grungier quality compared to Sleeper Agent's poppier beat. 

The one aspect that could potentially hold the EP back a bit is that throughout most of both songs, it's difficult to parse out the lyrics, however this is expected for the genre. What lyrics do come through, though, are cute and probably meant to be empowering yet commiserating, such as "Remember's": "There are plenty of fish / it's a big, big ocean / you can have your pick / but you want that one / it's a big, big ocean..."

Remember, Forget sets up a lot of interest for Fever Blush, who clearly have a vision for their music and if future releases follow similar strategies while continuing to grow musically, they're sure to have a bright future in the dream pop / indie / shoegaze scene. 

You can listen to their EP on Spotify and Bandcamp. You can also listen at The Haters Ball and snag a sweet cassette while you're at it.