Michael And The Pentecost // Wrong Side Of History

Written by J.M

Artist: Michael And The Pentecost

EP: Wrong Side Of History

Release date: November 21, 2017

Label: U-Turn Records


Wrong Side of History, the four track EP by Phoenix based dark alt-country band Michael And The Pentecost, feels like walking into a pub at 7 pm on a dreary Saturday night and hearing live music over the din of conversation.

With a punk / country crossover vibe, Wrong Side of History features raw vocals with little true melody, and basic instrumentals that serve only to support the vocals, with almost no riffs or melodies that stand out above that, save for the guitar riffs in "I Was the Snow." While the rawness of the vocals adds a punk element, the starkness of it all makes it a little difficult to dive into at times. 

Lyrically, the entire EP takes on a heavy storytelling element. The first song, "Inauguration Day" is blatantly political, and the rest of the songs are much more personal. All of the songs utilize refrains -- in "Inauguration Day" it's "When they drop the bomb" and in "I Was the Snow," there's a refrain of the syntactical construction: "Daddy went down to the river / to the river Daddy went" and "Mama said she was sorry / oh she was sorry / Mama said." These refrains make it easy for the listener to follow along with the song and feel familiar with it right away, but doesn't require much engagement beyond that.

Wrong Side of History is an interesting EP for its genre bending, and is commendable in its political assertiveness, but musically doesn't offer much excitement, as each song is crafted around the vocals and lyrics.

You can listen to Wrong Side of History on Bandcamp