Lemuria // Recreational Hate

Written by J.M

Artist: Lemuria

Album: Recreational Hate

Label: Turbo Worldwide / Asian Man Records (North America) / Big Scary Monsters (Europe)

Release date: December 15, 2017


Recreational Hate, the fourth full-length album from Buffalo, NY-based pop rock band Lemuria, feels like the soundtrack of an indie movie montage while the two star-crossed lovers travel in opposite directions, all the while being pulled back to each other by some unignorable connection. 

The greatest strength of Recreational Hate is the layering and harmony of the duel vocals, as well as the unique vocal melodies and rhythms that create unfamiliar but catchy riffs throughout the album. The addition of brass on certain songs goes a long way toward differentiating the sound from the average folksy-rock band, and the variety between tracks -- from more jaunty songs like "Wanting to Be Yours" to more ballad-like tracks such as "Trembling" -- keeps the listener on their toes and prevents the album from becoming too monotone. 

Lyrically, there are some simple, beautiful lines throughout Recreational Hate that elevate mundane, universal experiences into lyrics that ring, such as the very opening of the first track "Timber Together": "I’m not saying it's your fault / This year has been harsh / We timber together."

This trend is also very present in "Sliver of Change": "I plucked the petals off / And you were feeling convictable / One by one, feeling responsible / I won’t love you because I’m supposed to / I won’t let you in / I see a sliver of change / A pin dot of rearranging everything." Other songs like "Wanted to Be Yours" have very straightforward lyrics, but the vocal melodies and phrasing shape them into something special. 

Recreational Hate is a bit more folksy and pop-y than Lemuria's previous albums, but does a great job of retaining the band's sound while naturally maturing into a more current genre. You can listen to Recreational Hate on Spotify-- give the album a spin for yourself and let us know what you think!