States Avenue // Happycry

Written by J.M

Artist: States Avenue

Album: Happycry

Release date: November 24, 2017

Label: unsigned


Happycry, the new EP by Tallahassee-based alternative indie band States Avenue, is exactly what the album name suggests: an album overflowing with feelings, and emotions that cannot be confined to one insufficient label. 

Musically, States Avenue has a similar sound to Explosions in the Sky, with moody, guitar-heavy instrumentals that provoke an emotional response in the listener without a single word uttered. In where the music is less ethereal, there are often gorgeous riffs, such as the guitar riff in "71." The vocals that are present in States Avenue's tracks are raw and powerful in a very tangible, relatable way. The interjection of the children's voice-overs before and after songs doesn't add anything, but also takes nothing away. 

The lyrics of Happycry are sad and special in small ways that make the album feel like listening to a particularly eloquent diary. Verses such as "There's no cure for us / we are every sense of the word / sick / I won't let it get worse / I promise to stop finding wounds that heal / my nerves of steel / feel more like flesh again / in a body made of tin / please forget to call / I don't know why but I can't stand to hear my own voice on the phone" ("Tinman") portray such a beautiful, understated loneliness and isolation that feels incredibly intimate and vulnerable without being self-indulgent or cliche. 

With only two other singles released in 2016, the 2017 debut of Happycry prompts the hope that States Avenue will continue to ramp up their production of new songs. Their music -- all honest lyrics and vocals, mixed with their atmospheric instrumentals -- fills an excellent niche in the ever-growing indie scene. 

You can listen to Happycry on Bandcamp