Material Girls // MG vs. IQ

Written by J.M

MG (1).jpg

Material Girls // MG vs IQ

Release date: July 21, 2017

Label: The Haters Ball

MG vs. IQ, the debut four track release from drag-punk band Material Girls, feels like sitting in the back corner of a late night jazz club -- Twilight Zone-style -- as the musicians wrap up their set and break down their equipment after. 

The biggest musical feature on MG vs. IQ that makes Material Girls stand out in the scene is their heavy use of trumpet and sax with a shimmery tone added to the percussion complete with a lot of cymbals, hi-hats, and bells.

Paired with the often muffled, gravelly, or spoken-word vocals and unusual non-melodies, the effect is a vaguely Gothic-punk-jazz fusion that would have been at home in the eighties.

Their lack of traditional melodies and choruses can make the songs difficult to engage with on a instinctive, emotional level, as they feel more like performance art than a shared experience. However, this also creates an incredibly singular sound and forces the audience to put aside expectations and listen with an open mind. 

MG vs. IQ amplifies both the mystery and anticipation around Material Girls, and hints at a dark, artistically adventurous musical future for the band.  

Shrouded in secrecy due to their lack of online presence in any form, Material Girls have released MG vs. IQ both digitally and on cassette through The Haters Ball, an independent label operating out of both Nashville, TN and Atlanta, GA.

Material Girls have also released MG vs. IQ on vinyl through Irrelevant Music, a record label based out of Atlanta, GA.