Woolbright // Busybody Lazybones

Written by J.M


Woolbright // Busybody Lazybones

Release Date: August 9, 2017

Label: Whelmed Records

Busybody Lazybones, the debut album from Florida-based alternative rock band Woolbright, feels like a walk you take on an autumn Sunday, wrapped in a knit scarf and wearing your favorite pair of boots, to get your life centered. 

The shining musical feature of Busybody Lazybones is Candice Maritato's vocals, which are smooth and strong, but with a slight edge that makes their voice distinct and attention-grabbing.

The lyrics are relatable and poignant without being romanticized. One of the best examples of this is actually the opening line of the album, where Maritato sings: "It's been a rough few months / and I'm doing the best I can / to cope with it all / dragging my feet, admitting defeat." However, these glimmers that pop out at the listener throughout the album are somewhat buried by the wall of sound created by the instrumental aspects of the songs. It can be a strain to focus on the lyrics, which promise to be beautiful and the highlight of the album if they could be more easily heard.  

The guitars and drums often swell together, carrying similarities from song to song which can result in lost attention from the audience when listening to the album in one sitting as the tracks start to blend together.

However, Busybody Lazybones is a very strong first album from Woolbright, and one that should please their fan base and gain them a broad new audience who will look forward to the next offering.

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