Written by J.M

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Release date: February 2nd, 2018

Label: Unsigned

Cinematic: Scene Two, a 4-track EP by Nashville-based indie pop singer-songwriter Amy Peters, is a perfect sampler box of pop music for the new listener. 

Amy Peters recently dropped an EP that hits every base -- an upbeat, dance-y track with "Psychotic," a more moody, alternative pop track in "Columbus," an edgier dance track from "In Rose Color," and a pop ballad with "Person."

All of Amy's tracks are very well produced with catchy beats and smooth vocals, but particularly in "Psychotic" and "Columbus," Peters occasionally affects the sort of "pop accent" that's present in a lot of Real Housewives-pop, which makes the songs sound less mature than they really are, instead of just trusting the music.

Lyrically, Cinematic: Scene Two is much more mature and unique than many Top 40 pop tracks. While "Columbus" doesn't always land in this socio-political climate, choruses like, "And you're looking at me like I'm your next conquest / when you like what you see you conquer it / so you think you're Columbus / wanna put your flag up on this / but you need a map baby / yeah baby / you should turn back / Columbus / but you better check your compass / 'cause your world is flat baby / yeah baby / you ain't all that," are clever plays on the empowered pop song. 

Cinematic: Scene Two is an impressive self-produced EP with tracks that show clear potential to take Amy Peters into wider circulation and broader awareness on the pop music scene.