I Feel Fine // Long Distance Celebration

Written by Kayla Albee

cover IFF.jpg

I Feel Fine

EP: Long Distance Celebration

Release date: May 4, 2018

Label: Failure By Design Records

I Feel Fine, an indie punk quartet based out of Brighton, UK, are gearing up to release their debut EP, Long Distance Celebration, on May 4, 2018. The band worked with Lewis Johns (Gnarwolves) and Ryan Schwabe (Modern Baseball) and will be releasing their EP through Failure By Design Records. 

Their five track EP is rich with welcoming gang vocals, which immediately evoke memories of being at a basement show in the middle of the summer, surrounded by friends, and seeing people climbing on top of others while wrestling for the mic.

Sprinkled with hints of Polar Bear Club circa Sometimes Things Just Disappear and The World Is... during their Whenever, If Ever era, I Feel Fine have packaged up the traditional underground sound, added their own personalized touches, and written a record that has that friendly neighborhood punk feel to it while still maintaining their own unique angle. 

With lyrics that favor snippets of poetry rather than straightforward delivery, I Feel Fine stands out with their enigmatic writing style -- "We were better then, when all I had were the homes that I broke when dreaming" ("Beached Community") and "Realist, learn to commit. I’m carpet to the floor, but I’m happy" ("Everyday Safari") stand out in particular. Twinkly guitars that ebb and flow with brisk drum beats can be found on each of the five tracks, and one can only hope that this group continues with their own personalized sound throughout their future releases. 


From left to right: Nathan Tompkins (guitar/vocals), Scott Rogers (bass/vocals), Antoine Mansion (drums/vocals) and Joe Kool (guitar)