Peter Wise // Unattached

Written by Kayla Albee


Peter Wise

Album: Unattached

Release date: May 4, 2018

Label: Villainy Records

Brooklyn based pop artist Peter Wise released a ten track album, Unattached, this past Friday through Villainy Records. Unattached is full of beachy bops with summer time vibes intertwined with classic and modern styles that blend seamlessly. There's an East Coast undertone to Wise's music-- a confident quality of sorts that has no barriers.

While none of the tracks are lacking, there are particular stand out numbers, including the opener and title track, "Unattached." This is a bold and boisterous song that details following your dreams and not looking back--  "I said that's it / I took a one way trip with the money I had" and "I'm a king / I'm a God / I'm gonna take my piece of the pie / Call me young / Call me dumb / But I'm gonna keep on living it right" are confident and fun lyrics that have an upbeat rhythm behind them. 

At times, Wise's style is comparable to Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos, specifically in "Proud Of Me," which is a toned down track that explores Wise's falsetto, and "Sandcastle State Of Mind" which showcases Wise's musical versatility.

"Feel The Rain" turns into a delightful and soulful pop ballad, with strong guitar riffs and introspective lyrics, and pairs well with "Can't Do It Alone," where Wise is joined by NY based singer songwriter Tiger Darrow to deliver a harmonious duet.

Unattached is a solid album that has something for everyone -- pop, soul, rock, and catchy choruses that you'll find yourself grooving to before you know it.