The World Is... // Always Foreign

Written by J.M


The World Is... // Always Foreign

Release date: September 29, 2017

Label: Epitaph Records

Always Foreign, third full-length album from indie / emo rock band The World is a Beautiful Place& I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, is a chilly night spent on the beach, watching the stars from the sand with the waves crashing down the shore -- peaceful and grounding and awakening. 

Sounding like the child of Explosions in the Sky and early Grouplove, Always Foreign is a slight departure from earlier The World Is... music, which had been a relatively straightforward indie sound with heavier undertones. This new album is more atmospheric, less heavy musically, with more clarity to the vocals and focus on the lyrics -- a similar vein that both Brand New and LCD Soundsystem followed this year. 

A lyrical focus on the current psychological landscape of society, but on a micro-scale, is present in many of the songs, particularly in "Marine Tigers" -- "You walk around the old neighbourhood / But your heart’s not in it / Nonchalantly pointing out the coffee shop / You made your plans in / The jobs you have to do there / You walk around the new neighbourhood / But your heart’s not in it / To learn any more about this country / The apartment you have to live in" -- and the opening track "I'll Make Everything" -- "It's been everything / Not to get a scrape / On my knee on my elbow on my face / Where I go to hurt / And slow down in every way / Speed up the grip on time / And everything looks bad / It's just a time to start."

There are also definitive moments of hope in the album, also, like the song "The Future," which has a clear message in the chorus: "The future just got here, again and again now / The present was awful, but it's all past now / Let it float away / Go dancing on its grave / There's a place for you / The world has just been lying / But I know it's true / So just hold on."

Always Foreign by The World Is... is an excellent third album, with songs that are catchy, varied, fresh and thought provoking. A definite must-listen for old fans and new audiences alike. 

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