Citizen // As You Please

Written by J.M


Citizen // As You Please

Release date: October 6, 2017

Label: Run For Cover Records

As You Please, the latest release and third full length album from indie pop punk band Citizen, is an in-the-background soundtrack to a mid-summer high school graduation party, when everyone kind of just wants to move on to the next stage of their lives.

As You Please has a relatively chunky, late 90's rock sound, but some songs have a more modern feel with elements of pop, electronic, and indie genres that creates a nice musical variety from song to song.

Some moments where the juxtaposition between songs stands out the most are the transition from "Jet" to "In the Middle of it All" at the beginning of the album, and "Ugly Luck" to "World" in the middle of the album. The shifting tones and musical focuses between songs keep the album fresh and interesting and save it from being instrumentally monotonous, although the lyrics do fall into that category.

Despite being the third album from Citizen, As You Please is lyrically immature, with many of the songs seeming to not say much of anything, and the words and lines often seem somewhat disconnected from the surrounding lyrics. Almost every song has melodramatic, self-indulgent lines that would have been really impactful at a younger age -- lines like "Maelstrom; you are my only god" ("In the Middle of it All") and "The way they stare reminds you to bleed / Through me I've become simple / The shadows crowd around to tell you that the heaven you live for is nothing" ("Medicine") and "Are you alright? Are you still feeling dead? / I turned out the lights around, there's no difference" ("World").

Despite some moments of lyrical interest and wit, this is one of the rare albums that becomes less engaging as you listen to the lyrics. As You Please is a decent album, hurt mostly by the way the lyrics do not live up to the maturity of the music itself -- it's worth listening to once, but there's not much to come back to.

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