Cinders // Looking Forward To Looking Back

Written by Kayla Albee



Album: Looking Forward To Looking Back

Release date: September 29, 2018

The second album from Salt Lake City’s six piece band Cinders, Looking Forward To Looking Back, is the perfect soundtrack for those nights that you find yourself staring up at the stars, reveling in the magic of it all. Looking Forward To Looking Back provides a rush of poppy melodies fueled by the kind of synth that you want to sing along to. Yeah, you know the kind.

While the 2016 self titled album from Cinders relies heavily on an indie folk vibe, their new album showcases a glossy take on a familiar indie pop sound. There’s a sense of urgency as the first song, “Tree House,” kicks off the album with a clear celestial aspect that makes you feel like you’re floating around in space on a comfortable, clear night. As “Tree House” transitions into “Never Wanna Go Home” you’re hit with an authentic pop punk vitality delivered as a fun indie rock track.

As the album progresses, there are hints of influence from The Front Bottoms in Jordan Zabriskie’s vocal delivery (“Gigantic” is a prime example) while instrumentally the band explores the highs and lows of indie pop. Looking Forward To Looking Back has an overall upbeat quality, with certain tracks (“Illinois” and “Bright Side Of The Moon”) dipping down into slower waters and others picking up the pace with smooth transitions from track to track. A notable number is “100 Foxes” which has a building sense of wonder and magic to it that leave the door wide open for interpretation.

With more and more artists releasing multiple singles and short EP’s rather than full lengths, it can be tricky to master the art of having an intriguing album from start to finish. It’s impressive that Cinders have accomplished that feat with both their debut album and Looking Forward To Looking Back. Due to this, we have high expectations for future releases. After all, they’re doing the damn thing.

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