Cosmic Halitosis // Where Is She?

Written by Bethany Clancy


Cosmic Halitosis

Album: Where Is She?

Release date: January 13, 2018

Welcome to our first installment of Throwback Thursday album reviews! This week, we're coming at you with a release from January of this year from Cosmic Halitosis.

Punk rock bands can have such a different range when it comes to sound. Some bands stick to the punk roots, while others mix the two in together. Some do the outrageous and bring an alternative pop sound into the mix.

Cosmic Halitosis is a three piece punk rock group from Frederick, MD. According to their “about us” page on Facebook, the band strives to "shave the unnecessary fat of the rock 'n' roll turkey." This upbeat, fun loving band formed based on a "combined love for '77 punk, '90's grunge, soda pop and an all around swell time," Cosmic Halitosis’ goal is to get everyone on their feet dancing to some modernized rock-n-roll.

Earlier this year, Cosmic Halitosis released Where Is She? This album is the band's first studio recorded full length. The album is full of songs that will make you bop and feel like you’re listening to early '90's punk/garage band music -- with a 2018 twist to it.

Despite it being released in January, Who Is She? can be described as a “drive around with the windows down in the summer” album. Even if a song starts off slow, like the sixth song, “Mr. Asshole,” by the end of it there’s no doubt listeners will be bopping their heads along at the very least.

Cosmic Halitosis’ main influences are Mudhoney, The Replacements, and The Ramones. With these older influences mixed in to their sound, Cosmic Halitosis can draw in so many new fans of different genres. Fans of alternative pop and rock along with pop punk can appreciate this three piece.

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