Dani Jack // Grace

Written by Kayla Albee


Dani Jack

EP: Grace

Release date: August 31, 2018

We love hearing powerful women in music, and it's clear that pop-country singer songwriter Dani Jack is full of determination when it comes to following her dreams. The Kickstarter that she launched earlier this year payed off (literally) and her debut EP Grace was released on August 31st. With the first listen, it's clear that Dani put her heart and soul into the creative process behind the music.

Grace finds the balance between feisty and fun lyrics with seamless segues to the more sentimental and slow songs. The title track is driven by a description of a rebellious, free spirited woman who is quite the opposite of many country songs subjects. A play on words and tongue in cheek lyrics make this a fun listen with a foot stompin' beat.

"Perfect" is a slower track that opens up about emotional vulnerability and the fear of being hurt again in a relationship with lyrics like "You could break my heart / So I'm afraid to start loving you." With this track, twangy guitars are traded in for a soft, strumming melody. 

The remaining songs on the EP explore the emotional pain that comes with a relationship coming to an end, learning to love again, and building yourself back up after falling down. You can learn our thoughts on her track "Fallin' For It" here, as we did a review back when the single was released! 

Dani's sound is confident without being cocky and flows easily rather than feeling forced. While more in the vein of modern country than classic, Grace has a little bit of everything for country music lovers and fans of pop music alike. 

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