Divided Heaven // Cold War

Written by Hanna Branch


Divided Heaven

Album: "Cold War"

Release Date: July 20th, 2018

Record Label: Wiretap Records / Paper + Plastick Records

Los Angeles based band Divided Heaven recently released their third album, Cold War. The album is the most down to earth, raw, real release the band has come up with so far. Vocalist and songwriter Jeff Berman poured his heart and soul into the lyrics, truly bearing all and leaving nothing out. Berman’s songs resonate with listeners because of the heartfelt stories they tell in true punk rock fashion.

“1983,” the lead single, uses beautifully written imagery to tell a story about anxiety and feeling lonely. Lyrics such as “Feeling like a run away / Itching in my skin / Set fire to the beaten path / Let all my demons win” describe in a unique way how someone might feel while going though anxiety. You don’t feel okay even in your own body at times and you just want to let the demon in you mind win just to have a moment of peace. The bass and drums, played by Derik Envy and Nic Morreale, are loud and fast; a perfect pairing for the lyrics that also works well as the lead single.

A little further down the track list, “Dance With Old Habits” is a slower acoustic song about losing love. Again, the story overall holds detailed images and heartfelt emotion. In the song, the narrator talks about him and his love leaving everything they knew for a better life on the other side of the country. Things turn for the worst when his love becomes sick and he turns to bad habits that he thinks will take the pain away. The chorus hits home with the lyrics “I could’ve married that girl / Dressed her in ribbons, diamonds, and pearls / I was just one moment away from changing my life for you.”

Other songs with equally significant stories include “Maeby, We Should Say Goodbye,” “The Getaway,” and the title track, “Cold War.” Throughout the entire album, Divided Heaven take listeners on a strategic journey through mental health issues, coping with pain, losing loved ones, and leaving the ones you love. Anyone is sure to find at least one, if not more, songs off “Cold War” that holds similar meaning to their own life. I highly suggest giving the album a listen for yourself, making sure to pay close attention to the lyrics and going on the excursion through raw human emotion that Divided Heaven have masterfully laid out track by track.

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