Imagine Dragons // Evolve

Written by J.M

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Imagine Dragons // Evolve

Release date: June 23, 2017

Label: Interscope Records

Evolve, third full-length album from Las Vegas-based alternative rock band Imagine Dragons, feels like that moment during a concert when everyone in the crowd sense a sudden awareness of being deeply connected, alive and present-- powerful, fun, and in-the-moment. 

Evolve certainly is an evolution for Imagine Dragons, retaining the same emotionally powerful, heavily driven songs, expansive percussion, and distinctive vocals while moving into a more synthetic, pop-based sound. The songs that most musically connect with their last album, Smoke + Mirrors, are "Whatever it Takes" and "Believer." 

While the lyrics of Smoke + Mirrors were heavy, at times dark, and consistently raw and honest, Evolve's lyrics manage to maintain the same confessional aspect while being infused with hope and light and the sense of having made it to the other side of a dark place. The clearest example of this is found in "Yesterday," where Dan Reynolds sings: "Here's to my future / here's to my yesterday / here's to change / oh, here's to my yesterday. / No tomorrow without a yesterday / here's to my future / goodbye to yesterday."

One of the greatest strengths of the album — and the band over the course of their musical career so far — is the ability to craft unique, constantly shifting rhythms that keep listeners on their toes. This creates an instant connection to the song even before there's a chance to engage with the lyrics underneath, as well as a multi-layered experience that allows the listener to continue to make exciting discoveries with each listen of the album — and the desire to do so. Creative, progressive, and genuine, Evolve is another solid album from internationally successful Imagine Dragons.

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