Fawkes & Hownd // Balancing Act

Written by Hanna Branch


Fawkes & Hownd

EP: Balancing Act

Release date: March 1st, 2019

American/Canadian folk music serves as the base for Fawkes & Hownd’s debut EP, Balancing Act, that recently came out earlier this month. The duo is based in Nashville, although each member comes from a different home. Phöenix Lazare hails from Salt Springs Island, BC, while Justin Kelley grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts. With both places being small towns, this definitely shows through in each of their songs and in their overall sound.

Stories of travels, distance, and growth are told through the five tracks on Balancing Act. The title track speaks about how anything is possible with someone that you truly connect with. The lyrics offer sweet compliments and encouragements to keep going, while the opening track “New England,” personifies a city as a kind and friendly lady. Many artists write songs about their home town but not quite like the way Fawkes & Hownd do.

Lyrics such as, “Watch the street lights turn from red to green” and “She gives me comfort like I've never felt before / Wraps her arms around me, keeps me warm,” paint a beautiful picture of a loved, tiny town that holds many special memories with each twist and turn. “New England” is sure to make listeners remember the small, yet significant details from their own hometown, no matter how far in the past that place may be.

The duo’s vocals complement each other in a way not many artists are able to achieve, as the both boast soulful and soft voices. This makes Balancing Act a very easy listen for almost any occasion, and follows in the vein of Phoebe Bridgers mixed with the new age style of Oh Wonder. You’re sure to fall in love with Fawkes and Hownd with the very first listen. You can give the EP a spin down below! We previously featured Phöenix Lazare’s solo single, “Under The Light”, back in December of 2018. With this project taking on an entirely new sound, Phöenix’s has shown her versatility as both a writer and a musician.

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