The Front Bottoms // Going Grey

Written by J.M

Artist: The Front Bottoms

Album: Going Grey

Release date: October 13, 2017

Label: Fueled By Ramen

Going Grey, the fourth full-length album from Jersey-based indie rock band The Front Bottoms, is the background music at a college house party – laid back, tongue-in-cheek, and simultaneously classic and modern.  

Going Grey has a clear electronic musical influence that is married with more traditional emo and pop punk sensibilities. The instrumentals are clean and bright, and the vocals are prominent, clear and strong -- carrying a vague early 2000's vibe.

The songs are catchy with lots of variety from track to track, and melodies that are more complex than the standard indie rock fare -- the sometimes unusual vocal rhythms and melodies inspire the listener to sing along and move with the music.

Lyrically, Going Grey isn't anything particularly clever or poignant, but it is very fun and relatable. Songs like "Peace Sign" have refrains that are a blast to get swept up in ("So next time that she sees him / It'll be peace sign, middle finger") and others hit universally relatable feelings, like "Vacation Town": "I want to be / That comfortable place where you write and read / Watch TV / Or deeply breathe...But I could only express my love / when I'm fucked up or far, far away." And every once in awhile a line comes along that makes you stop and appreciate it, like the line "This has nothing to do with you it's me versus me" in the final track, "Ocean."

Going Grey is a playful, cheeky album with thoughtful melodies and upbeat music that would be a blast in concert or a fun, low-key party soundtrack.

You can listen to Going Grey, along with previous releases from The Front Bottoms, on Spotify