Grant Duncan // Early Morning Rise

Written by Kayla Albee


Grant Duncan // Early Morning Rise

Release date: November 1, 2018

The latest full length album from Tokyo based artist Grant Duncan is here! Having been released on November 1st, Early Morning Rise has an easy going autumnal air to it. As with his previous releases, Grant delivers simple, groovy rhythms that are reminiscent of classic rock household names.

As the album begins, Grant dives right into “When I’m With You” which goes hand in hand with “That Lasts the Longest Now.” The former is a classic and cool track with elements of 70’s rock highlighting the chorus and guitar solo. The latter follows suit with a jaunty beat and an emphasis on clear, consistent riffs.

Grant has relaxed and low-key voice that truly sets the tone for his entire discography and allows his music to flex into different realms — fans of old school classic rock, modern alt rock, and indie rock will easily enjoy this record.

The album includes a mixture of old and new material, as “Walking Tightrope” was originally written while in Malaysia back in 2011 and appears towards the end of Early Morning Rise. Accompanied by light guitar tones and vocals that blend with the music, this track is a bit on the slower side compared to the other songs on the album which is a nice change as the album winds down.

The closing track, “See Her Tired Eyes,” is from Grant Duncan’s EP On Solid Ground which you can learn more about here. Overall, Early Morning Rise is an easy listen with thoughtful lyrics that will age well, making this an album to return to time and time again.

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