Grant Duncan // Radiant Sublime

Written by Hanna Branch

Grant Duncan

Album: Radiant Sublime

Release date: March 21, 2019

Singer-songwriter Grant Duncan recently released a new full-length album, Radiant Sublime, on March 21st. The ten-track record is a follow up to 2018’s Early Morning Rise and offers a throwback sound in the present time. With most of the songs being dominated by classic guitar, listeners are taken back to the original rock & roll feel. The title track, “Radiant Sublime,” is a perfect lead with just enough hype to get listeners to the next song.

From song to song, the album sounds pretty similar, however the nostalgic feel from Radiant Sublime is enough to overlook the repetitive sounds. As the album progresses, “She Rides the Wind” is clear stand out track. This acoustic song gives a nice break from the heavy guitars in the rest of the album. “She Rides the Wind” also gives listeners a better look at Duncan as a songwriter. The lyrics offer a beautiful picture of a strong woman who is clearly close to the narrator.

As the album comes to a close, the last track, “Something Might Come Our Way,” stands out as it differs sonically the rest of the record. Fans of both classic rock and modern indie will be sure to enjoy Radiant Sublime from start to finish. This album offers a laid back classic take, which is perfect as we move into the summer months — stream the album below!

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