Insignificant Other // i'm so glad i feel this way about you

Written by Hanna Branch


Insignificant Other

Album: i’m so glad i feel this way about you

Release date: April 17th, 2019

Label: Counter Intuitive Records

Up and coming indie pop band Insignificant Other released their debut album, i’m so glad I feel this way about you, on April 17th. This Birmingham, Alabama based trio pulls from a broad range of musical influences which can be heard across the following 13 tracks. Vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Sim Morales puts all of their emotion into each and every song from the highest highs to the lowest lows, both with lyrics and range.

The opening song, which doubles as the title track, starts off slightly abrasive and throws the listener immediately into the deep end. For some, this may be a bit brash. For others, this may be the type of in your face DIY-esque music that you’ve been craving. If you resonate with the former, the rest of the record redeems itself beautifully. We’re introduced to “bitter sweetness” about halfway through the album. This track offers a soft, subtle pop vibe, giving listeners time to slow down and breathe.

Those who love the upbeat form of the opening track are sure to feel right at home listening to “heathers,” the second song on the album. This one features a fast-paced chorus and lyrics that will have you grooving to the music. With easily relatable lyrics, it’s not difficult to connect with Morales as they discuss the typical musings that one has while going through the motions.

Insignificant Other’s debut album is anything but insignificant. i’m so glad I feel this way about you offers musical extremes that leave plenty of room in between to suit a wide range of tastes. If the album is not your normal listen, still give it spin, even if just for some late-night noise.

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