Josh Gray // Songs Of The Highway

Written by Hanna Branch

Josh Gray Album Cover.jpg

Josh Gray

Album: Songs of the Highway

Release date: April 16th, 2019

It’s no secret that country music has evolved since establishing its roots in Nashville. Countless artists continue to lean into the genre for its down-to-earth lyrics and timeless sound. Singer-songwriter Josh Gray is no exception, as he lends a hand in capturing that signature classic feeling while offering an unapologetic view on society today, which transfers directly into his delivery.

Gray’s latest release, Songs of the Highway, highlights where humanity stands today and documents social injustice in a remarkable way that few other artists touch on. Gray’s voice alone radiates nostalgia, with clear influences from legends like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. This eleven-track record is quite the journey with plenty of variance to keep you intrigued with a solid Americana base.

While the album harbors many stand out songs, “Darkest Before the Dawn” hits home like no other. Gray digs deep as he sings “Can we care about our neighbors / Instead of asking for their papers,” with a resounding message of “We’ll prevail / Love is strong.” Gray offers a glimmer of hope in what is a pivotal time of our lives - this will be an interesting track to revisit in later years.

With Nashville being the epicenter for all things music, the city is mentioned throughout the album along with other places that Gray has seen during his travels around the country. Songs of the Highway speaks old truths in a modern voice that is sure to resonate with any listener who comes in contact with the lyrics. I would recommend this album to anyone regardless of past music tastes, so long as Songs of the Highway is listened to with an open mind, as the record will take you on a journey through present times with the hope of a light at the end of the road.

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