Khaos Light // Failure To Adapt

Article by Nick Zimmer

Khaos Light

Album: Failure to Adapt

Release date: April 19, 2019

As we move into June and leave May behind us, let’s not forget that May was Mental Health Awareness month. We’re extremely excited to give you our thoughts on an album that takes that subject head on! When you take your first listen to Failure to Adapt, the debut album of Texas based artist Khaos Light, you’re greeted with a content warning as the album deals with interpersonal issues and suicide. This was a nice touch that you don’t normally experience with records.

Failure to Adapt is a rap album at heart while featuring a decent amount of post hardcore elements. Immediately you are introduced to Khaos Light’s proficiency in storytelling with “The Truth,” a track that will remind you of Kendrick Lamar just as much as it does P.OS. “Work (Rock Lee")” is the first track on the record that shows the more musically diverse side of Failure to Adapt, with a full band ripping behind Khaos Lights quick rhymes.

“Therapy V Identity” is a track that could only be characterized as the musical equivalent of a castle battle in Super Mario Bros. The way that Khaos Light incorporates rap, post hardcore, and bits of jazz flows beautifully for the duration of the record, and sets him apart from a lot of today’s popular artists.  

On every other track you’ll find Khaos Light navigating through scenarios in their mind with what comes after their own death, struggling to balance the trauma and happiness that is experienced with life. These tracks truly help piece the album together without feeling out of place. Once the album concludes, you’ll be once again greeted by Khaos Light speaking directly to you about their experiences creating this album, making Failure to Adapt feel even more personal (which didn’t seem possible after listening all the way through). This is the kind of record that would fit with any release by Doomtree or Rhymesayers, and should definitely be on your radar.

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