Kid You Not // Home Again

Written by Kayla Albee


Kid You Not

Album: Home Again

Release date: October 12, 2018

Label: Deep Elm Records

North Florida punk rock quartet Kid You Not will be releasing a new album, Home Again, on October 12th through Deep Elm records. Home Again follows their 2017 release Never A Dull Movement and turns it up a notch in terms of driving hooks, catchy choruses, and surging rhythms.

Made up of guitarist / lead vocalist Patrick Drury, bassist / backing vocalist Justin Pritchard, guitarist / backing vocalist Ben Bennett and drummer Victor Joudi, Kid You Not have proven to have found their footing in a niche that is easily over saturated.

There’s a cozy niche for punk rock bands with trademark rugged vocals that’s been carved out over the years akin to The Menzingers, Iron Chic, and Red City Radio. An abundance of artists makes the genre an easy playing field to get lost in if you’re not careful. Thankfully, Kid You Not are on top of their game.

Home Again combines a mix of old and new material split nicely down the middle. Previously recorded songs have been refreshed and fine tuned, and new songs fall in place seamlessly. Each song has that one line that stands out more than the rest, and it isn’t always part of a chorus.

Notable tracks include the opener “Strikes and Gutters, Ups and Downs” with the gut punching line “Another disaster / It’s just another day.” This speaks on both a personal and world wide level. In a similar style, “One foot in the grave / and the other steps in too” (“Not with a Whimper, But a Bang) and “No gods / No masters / Just an endless trail of disasters” (“Only Posers Die”) are the type of thought provoking lines that get the gears turning and the fingers pointing as you sing along.

With Home Again, you get a 12 track album that rides on the breeze of cozy fall days when you’re bundled up in your favorite flannel and a sweater, watching the day grow long and looking forward to that basement show that you’re going to later with your old friends. (Read: it has a nostalgic feel without being old.)

Get ready to give Home Again a spin on October 12th — it’ll pair well in a playlist boarded by Iron Chic’s “Timecop” and I Am The Avalanche’s “Brooklyn Dodgers” and sets the precedent for future releases.

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