Lonesome Town Drifters // Greyed Out

Written by Hanna Branch


Lonesome Town Drifters // Greyed Out

Release date: October 18th, 2018

Punk rock band Lonesome Town Drifters, aka LTD, hail from Nashville, Tennessee. The band performed at FEST in Florida at the end of last month, and released their newest album, Greyed Out, on October 18th. The 11 track album consists of authentic high energy songs. LTD is made up of vocalist / guitarist Eric, aka “Eric 7,” along with guitarist Nate Benardino, bassist Shawn Wiggins, and drummer Aaron Benson.

“Start Today” kicks off Greyed Out in a promising way. LTD waste no time as they jump right into the heart of the song. The lyrics speak of enjoying the now and not worrying about what could happen tomorrow. These words serve as a great reminder, as many people get caught up in agonizing over the future instead of enjoying the life that they currently have.

The similar upbeat, intense rhythms flow from song to song with fast, commanding drums and guitars to match, with “The Upside Down” being another stand out track that appears early on. While Greyed Out offers little in way of a varying track list, it holds true to that traditional punk rock feel in both sound and lyrics. Those who loved the late eighties / early nineties sound of The Bouncing Souls are sure to find a few new favorite song among those on Greyed Out.

For those who prefer today’s pop punk sound, go ahead and give Greyed Out an honest listen as LTD have crafted the perfect “late-night noise” album that is sure to drown out anyone’s worries of the world.

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