Lottie // Road To Reckoning

Written by Kayla Albee


Album: Road To Reckoning

Release date: May 18

Soulful singer-songwriter Lottie is set to release her new album, Road To Reckoning, on May 18, 2018. With clear influences stemming from notable artists like Carole King and Bonnie Raitt, Lottie has developed her own artistic style while paying homage to her Alabama roots.

Road To Reckoning starts off with a bluesy track titled "What's In It For Me?" -- brimming with twangy guitar chords, which add a southern country-rock vibe that comes back around in later tracks like "The Road" and "Just Enough," it's hard to not want to stomp your feet and move your body to the music.

Lottie's lyrics are a personal documentation of her journey thus far. Often pulling from deeply personal experiences, the theme of the album revolves around the life stages of a relationship that ultimately meets its end. Serving as a means for both reflection and growth, Lottie's thoughtful lyrics are made timeless though her mature delivery and attention to detail. 

"One Bad Habit" has a cheerful backing beat that throws it back to the 1960's with a summer-esque vibe. A chorus of "One bad habit after another / Should I take my chances? / Should I run for cover?" is a contemplative narrative of sorts that one can easily relate to.   

"Trouble" is a bittersweet track that delves into the inner dialogue that one often encounters when faced with having to decide between what's good for you in the long run and what you want in the moment. Lyrics like "I lost you / I thought I closed that door / But trouble you just take so many shapes and forms / I found myself questioning 'should I run or just give in?'" are wrapped in a ghostly mixture of twinkly keys paired with chunky chords and served up with Lottie's rich, velvety vocals. 

Closing out the album with "I Will Survive," Lottie sets the bar high for future releases, while proving to have created a substantial offering that showcases her vocal range and attention to detail when it comes to crafting personable lyrics.