Low Mass // Sleepwalker

Written by J.M

Artist: Low Mass

Album: Sleepwalker

Release date: November 3, 2017

Label: Unsigned  

Sleepwalker, the first EP by Nashville-based alternative rock band Low Mass, feels like walking through your old neighborhood on a cloudy afternoon, trying to peer into the windows of boarded up houses through the overgrown yards.

Musically and vocally, Sleepwalker is very reminiscent of early Manchester Orchestra. The instrumentals have a similar layered, fuzzy, grunge quality, and the tone of the vocals, down to the voice cracks and screaming, could easily be mistaken for Andy Hull's in I'm Like a Virgin...and Everything Means Nothing. Despite these similarities, Low Mass doesn't come across like a knock off or imitation, but feels confident in their own vision. 

Lyrically, a lot is swallowed by the overall sound, but the vocal rhythms are interesting and varied throughout. Often, it's less the lyrics themselves that are impressive, but the pathos that is infused by the guitar riffs and straining vocals that makes them impacted. 

This is clearly demonstrated in "Fear": "You can think about it / take as long as you need / I've been breaking like a crack in the hull / going down eventually / I never wanted to end like this / I'm not sure I'll make it / My head is made of dread ... Never thought it would end like this / I need you to let go ... I can't trust myself anymore." Alone, the lines are good, but nothing particularly striking -- however, paired with the music, the song definitely stands out from a lot of other contemporary releases. 

Overall, this is a promising EP, and should put Low Mass on the radar of alternative / grunge / post-hardcore music fans. Sleepwalker is available on both Spotify and Bandcamp