Marona + Hotel Colors Split

Written by Kayla Albee


Marona + Hotel Colors

Album: Marona / Hotel Colors Split

Release date: June 2, 2018

Pensacola based artists Marona and Hotel Colors released a six track split together earlier this month. Marona takes their name from vocalist Nathan's last name, and the bands drummer, Eric Moeller, doubles as solo artist Hotel Colors. This split is well suited for rainy day listening when you're feeling introspective and reserved.  

Hotel Colors tracks follow in the vein of their previous releases with a simplistic approach. The opening track "Change" as well as the following track "6AM" are driven by distortion and a fuzzed out DIY quality.

The third and final track from Hotel Colors, "Gfwh," is carried by a tune reminiscent of a gentle lullaby paired with soft vocals. While not profound, Moeller's lyrics keep it real with every day realities being documented line by line.

Marona's three tracks take a similar approach, as this is a stripped down version of their music compared to their self titled 2017 release. Nathan's vocals are reminiscent of Modern Baseball's Brendan Lukens, and his lyrical approach is certainly candid.

The humorously titled track "Gluten-Free Bread Riot" details the back-and-forth of a relationship with lines like  "You call me hopeless / You call me a cynic / You say I'm depressed and pessimistic / And I guess that some of that might be true." The next track, "Please Come Home," has a folksy singer-songwriter vibe to it.

While Marona closes out the split with a purely instrumental track titled "Trench Coat," there's a storytelling aspect present in both artists writing style that paints a picture for the listener. The imagery that's created helps to fill in the blanks and dive deeper into each song.

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