Mayday Parade // Sunnyland

Written by Hanna Branch


Mayday Parade

Album: Sunnyland

Release date: June 15, 2018

Label: Rise Records

Alternative pop punk band Mayday Parade are back with their newest album, Sunnyland, which was released on June 15th and includes thirteen unique and diverse songs. While a good portion of Sunnyland is the loud and fast paced Mayday Parade we all know and love, quite a few of the songs are slower acoustic ballads. Mayday Parade uses Sunnyland to talk about how not everyone is alone and to also help those with broken hearts mend, while themes of lost or unrequited love is also threaded through the lyrics.

The third track off of the album, “Piece of Your Heart,” somehow mixes all the above mentioned topics with lyrics such as “Say hello to all of my problems for me / Tell them I’m sorry, I can’t be around anymore / The years will go on, we’ll get older, then we’ll die / But we’ll get by / It goes on forever just like this / If I could go back, I would do it all over again with you.” This song sums up the album perfectly and Mayday Parade made an excellent choice in having it as the single.

While there are more acoustic songs on Sunnyland than other alternative albums, this isn't a bad thing, as Mayday Parade has nothing to fear with their slower songs. “Take My Breath Away” and “Where You Are” are perfect examples of vocalist Derek’s voice melding perfectly with heartfelt lyrics.

The final song and title track “Sunnyland” closes the album off in the best way. With Mayday Parade originally being from Tallahassee, FL, one could assume the song is an ode to the Sunshine State. This is yet another acoustic track with a nostalgic, homey feel. The lyrics “So take me back to Sunnyland / So I can find the light again,” truly speak for themselves. Someone is longing to be home again, to the place where they remember the good times, as mentioned in the lines, “And I thought back to the years we played baseball / How I tried, but struck out so many times / But once I hit the ball and sailed over the fence / I felt my gut all fill up with pride.”

I could go on and on about the beautiful imagery and touching words that fill this album, but I suggest giving it a thorough listen for yourself, since anyone can relate to the love of home (wherever that is and whatever that means for you) and the strong friendships that have been built along the way.