Michael Morris // Slow Loris

Written by Kayla Albee


Michael Morris

Album: Slow Loris

Release date: September 1, 2018

Slow Loris, the debut release from Michael Morris, breathes in inspiration from classic gems like The Wall and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. In turn, the album exudes a nod to the past while pushing forward and carving out space for a personalized eclectic endeavor.

Morris is a New Zealand songwriter and producer currently residing in Paris, France. Having not only written but also performed all of the music for the album, Morris was able to fine-tune the details to fit his vision rather than having to compromise.

In return, Slow Loris spans from the upbeat and contemporary to the alternative and mysterious. The former is captured in the opening track “Morning.” This is an animated piece with a cheerful narrative complete with comedic relief (“You’ll never make it to work on time / If you’re sleeping ‘till half past nine / Lucky I’m unemployed!”) The latter is reflected in “Landslide” as it stands out with heavy bass tones building to a boisterous finale.

Slow Loris deserves multiple listens as each track has an immense personality which can be lost with the first spin, as the album itself is a busy one. However, the lack of cohesion is compensated for by an abundance of engaging elements making it easy to get lost in a single song. Throughout the album, there’s a fun element of surprise as each song delivers something different from the last.

Artists turned household names of the 60’s and 70’s alternative / psychedelic rock era are considered untouchable by many, but Morris is here and he’s tapping the glass. With Slow Loris being his debut album, Morris has provided a delightful sampler of what’s to come with future releases.

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