Cayetana // New Kind Of Normal

Written by J.M

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Cayetana // New Kind Of Normal

Release date: May 5, 2017

Label: Plum Records

New Kind of Normal, Philly-based Cayetana's sophomore album, feels like the best kind of lazy Sunday afternoon  — when you're wearing your most comfortable cut off jeans and lounging on the rug in a patch of sun, flipping through magazines, with all the time in the world.

The lyrics and music are both somewhat repetitive from song to song, but in a way that is familiar and catchy rather than boring.

The songs on the album that most break away from the straightforward formula are "Bus Ticket" and "Easy to Love," "Follow," and "Dust," whose lyrics detour away from predictable at just the right times, paired with just the right deconstruction or melodic twist. These are the songs that also achieve the balance of no frills angst and fresh creativity that falls flat in some of the other tracks.

In "Dust," lead singer Augusta Koch sings, "How soon it was over and / how fast it fell down / like a movie fast forwarded / it all spun around and / now my life feels / like an old museum / dust filled relics of who I am."

These are the types of lyrics that are scattered throughout the tracks and elevate New Kind of Normal to something you should stop and pay attention to, rather than an album you keep playing in the background. Leaning into those special lyrical moments provide August Koch with unexpected vocal melodies to really wow their audience.

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