O'Holy Ghost // TRVTH

Written by Hanna Branch


O'Holy Ghost

Album: TRVTH

Release date: July 13, 2018

O’Holy Ghost, a punk rock indie band hailing from London, are fairly new to the scene and are releasing their debut EP, TRVTH on July 13th. I had the opportunity to listen to their EP prior to its release, and I can almost sum up the EP in one sentence: perfect late night noise with heartfelt and truthful lyrics that are sure to resonate with any listener.

The first song and current single, "Across the Pond," tells the story of someone longing to leave where they currently are. With straightforward lyrics like “Home is where the heart is / And her heart is getting restless” and “Let’s go anywhere, with anyone” it's easy relate to the story being told. We have all been in a position that we didn’t like and may even have wanted to run away from. This song has "summer night vibes" written all over it.

As the EP progresses, O’Holy Ghost proves to have figured out what works and what doesn't, as their debut EP works in every single way. “Saudade,” the second to last song, is one of the angrier songs on the release. The lyrics are blatantly honest words from someone who has been clearly hurt in the past. Everyone at some point gets taken advantage of and this song is the best pick me up after going through such difficult times.

After you give it a listen, TRVTH will likely find be a mainstay on your radar due to its relatable lyrics and refreshing sound. 

For those who live in or near London, O’Holy Ghost will be playing a free EP release show on July 26th at The Cavendish Arms, London with Sam Russo, Mean Caesar and Modern Shakes.

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