Prawn // Run

Written by J.M


Prawn // Run

Release date: September 22, 2017

Label: Topshelf Records

Run, the third studio album from New Jersey-based emo band Prawn, is an indie rock influenced throwback to the feeling of Senior-year car rides with best friends, windows down, laughing louder than your angst. 

Lyrically, Run is fun and clever, while also managing to be honest and emotional. In tracks like “Snake Oil Salesman,” the listener gets a witty twist on a familiar theme of betrayal and anger: “So you take the best years / and I’ll try to show up to them / I’m not one to know when to speak out or steer clear / But snake oil salesman / I know what you’ve been selling … I’m angry with myself / ’cause I let myself get sewn up in your stitches / a poor seam / hemmed from a heavy hand / a heavy hand that I got used to.”

With a straightforward but full sound, Prawn weaves subtle variations into its tracks that bring them a step above the fray in musicality and complexity. The guitars have an ambient quality, which adds a lightness to otherwise heavy vocals, strong percussive foundation, and thickly layered instrumentals to create a lush audio experience.

The final song, “Split Logs,” is a unique love song, both honest and romantic and dark: “We’re two logs split right open / with our rotten wood / exposed in the dark … look out I’m falling out of trees again / murmur in my heart / pressure on my walls / lie in the weeds and lose your head again / lovers never meet / they’ve known all along … So take some time to think about it / you have secrets / but I have sequence / So take some time to think about it / come back / I can’t live without it.”

Overall, Run is a strong release from Prawn – while it does not take bold risks or make any big splashes, it does stand out in execution from many similar recent releases that have not been as polished or as thoughtful.

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