Rainer Maria // S/T

Written by J.M


Rainer Maria // S/T

Release Date: August 18, 2017

Label: Polyvinyl Record Co.

S/T, Brooklyn-based band Rainer Maria's seventh full-length album, feels like burning incense and sorting through CDs with your best friends on your bedroom floor. 

In their first new album in over a decade, Rainer Maria leans into a nostalgic 90s vibe -- more heavily than even their earlier releases -- with vague psychedelic undertones, simple but strong vocals, and layered instrumentals. 

The lyrics throughout the album channel the band's emo/indie rock roots, much less removed from the genre than the rest of the sound. From the first song, "Broken Open Love," the audience hears refrains such as"(I know I'm breaking down) / I don't wanna break down / (I know I'm losing out) / I don't wanna lose out / (I know I'm fucking up) / I don't wanna fuck up" -- straightforward, no frills emotion, and low-key desperation. 

"Forest Mattress" has one of the most dynamic melodies in the album driving the momentum of the song. The lyrics in this song, too, follow the same tone, opening with, "I'll never be alone if I can help it / I'm talking to the flowers / Just to have a friend / Do you see me?"

While there's nothing groundbreaking about S/T, as it doesn't show a ton of growth over Rainer Maria's several year break, there is a sense of familiarity that embraces you and draws you in. S/T is a satisfying album that grows on the audience after a few full listens. 

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