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Josh Gray // Songs Of The Highway

It’s no secret that country music has evolved since establishing its roots in Nashville. Countless artists continue to lean into the genre for its down-to-earth lyrics and timeless sound. Singer-songwriter Josh Gray is no exception, as he lends a hand in capturing that signature classic feeling while offering an unapologetic view on society today, which transfers directly into his delivery.

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Insignificant Other // i'm so glad i feel this way about you

Up and coming indie pop band Insignificant Other released their debut album, i’m so glad I feel this way about you, on April 17th. This Birmingham, Alabama based trio pulls from a broad range of musical influences which can be heard across the following 13 tracks. Vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Sim Morales puts all of their emotion into each and every song from the highest highs to the lowest lows, both with lyrics and range.

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Del Schueler // One Thing Right

Combining real life experiences with detailed imagery, singer-songwriter Del Schueler’s EP One Thing Right is a four track journey through love, daydreams, and finding the courage to continue moving forward. A rich songwriting background courtesy of Belmont University helps propel Del forward and allows her to shine.

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Fawkes & Hownd // Balancing Act

American/Canadian folk music serves as the base for Fawkes & Hownd’s debut EP, Balancing Act, that recently came out earlier this month. The duo is based in Nashville, although each member comes from a different home. Phöenix Lazare hails from Salt Springs Island, BC, while Justin Kelley grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts. With both places being small towns, this definitely shows through in each of their songs and in their overall sound.

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Premiere: Kenna // In The Grey

Kenna is a singer-songwriter residing in Nashville, TN. She’s originally from Maryland, and is releasing In The Grey on December 7th, with an album release show schedule the night before in the True Music Room at Nashville’s Cambria Hotel. We’re happy to announce that you can stream In The Grey today exclusively through Out From The Pine Box!

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Lonesome Town Drifters // Greyed Out

Punk rock band Lonesome Town Drifters, aka LTD, hail from Nashville, Tennessee. The band performed at FEST in Florida at the end of last month, and released their newest album, Greyed Out, on October 18th. The 11 track album consists of authentic high energy songs. LTD is made up of vocalist / guitarist Eric, aka “Eric 7,” along with guitarist Nate Benardino, bassist Shawn Wiggins, and drummer Aaron Benson.

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Lottie // Road To Reckoning

Soulful singer-songwriter Lottie is set to release her new album, Road To Reckoning, on May 18, 2018. With clear influences stemming from notable artists like Carole King and Bonnie Raitt, Lottie has developed her own artistic style while paying homage to her Alabama roots.

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Fever Blush // Remember, Forget

Remember, Forget, the two-track EP from Nashville-based four piece, Fever Blush, feels like an indie movie soundtrack, both cinematic and understated. 

The two songs cleverly follow the tone suggested by the title, with "Remember" being a bit brighter and jauntier, and "Forget" more somber. In several moments, particularly in...

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Early Humans // S/T

The self-titled debut album from Nashville-based indie pop rock band Early Humans feels like blazing sun, dusty shoes, and sweaty bodies pressed together in front of a festival stage.

Some of the songs, like "Waste My Mind" have a slightly 70's vibe and other songs, like "Look At What A Mess We’ve Made of Love", are reminiscent of...

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