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Insignificant Other // i'm so glad i feel this way about you

Up and coming indie pop band Insignificant Other released their debut album, i’m so glad I feel this way about you, on April 17th. This Birmingham, Alabama based trio pulls from a broad range of musical influences which can be heard across the following 13 tracks. Vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Sim Morales puts all of their emotion into each and every song from the highest highs to the lowest lows, both with lyrics and range.

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Grant Duncan // Radiant Sublime

Singer-songwriter Grant Duncan recently released a new full-length album, Radiant Sublime, on March 21st. The ten-track record is a follow up to 2018’s Early Morning Rise and offers a throwback sound in the present time. With most of the songs being dominated by classic guitar, listeners are taken back to the original rock & roll feel. The title track, “Radiant Sublime,” is a perfect lead with just enough hype to get listeners to the next song.

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Fawkes & Hownd // Balancing Act

American/Canadian folk music serves as the base for Fawkes & Hownd’s debut EP, Balancing Act, that recently came out earlier this month. The duo is based in Nashville, although each member comes from a different home. Phöenix Lazare hails from Salt Springs Island, BC, while Justin Kelley grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts. With both places being small towns, this definitely shows through in each of their songs and in their overall sound.

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Premiere: Kenna // In The Grey

Kenna is a singer-songwriter residing in Nashville, TN. She’s originally from Maryland, and is releasing In The Grey on December 7th, with an album release show schedule the night before in the True Music Room at Nashville’s Cambria Hotel. We’re happy to announce that you can stream In The Grey today exclusively through Out From The Pine Box!

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Grant Duncan // Early Morning Rise

The latest full length album from Tokyo based artist Grant Duncan is here! Having been released on November 1st, Early Morning Rise has an easy going autumnal air to it. As with his previous releases, Grant delivers simple, groovy rhythms that are reminiscent of classic rock household names.

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Divided Heaven // Cold War

Los Angeles based band Divided Heaven recently released their third album, Cold War. The album is the most down to earth, raw, real release the band has come up with so far. Vocalist and songwriter Jeff Berman poured his heart and soul into the lyrics, truly bearing all and leaving nothing out. Berman’s songs resonate with listeners because of the heartfelt stories they tell in true punk rock fashion.

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Michael Morris // Slow Loris

Slow Loris, the debut release from Michael Morris, breathes in inspiration from classic gems like The Wall and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. In turn, the album exudes a nod to the past while pushing forward and carving out space for a personalized eclectic endeavor.

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Vinyl Theatre // Starcruiser

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Vinyl Theatre put out their fourth album, Starcruiser, on August 31st. The trio, comprised of Keegan, Chris, and Nick, released their previous album Origami only last year. The latest release, Starcruiser, is an eleven-track indie/electronic album with a song for just about everyone and achieves even more than Origami did.

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Mayday Parade // Sunnyland

Alternative pop punk band Mayday Parade are back with their newest album, Sunnyland, which was released on June 15th and includes thirteen unique and diverse songs. While a good portion of Sunnyland is the loud and fast paced Mayday Parade we all know and love, quite a few of the songs are slower acoustic ballads. Mayday Parade uses Sunnyland to talk about how not everyone is alone and to also help those with broken hearts mend, while themes of lost or unrequited love is also threaded through the lyrics.

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I Feel Fine // Long Distance Celebration

I Feel Fine, an indie punk quartet based out of Brighton, UK, are gearing up to release their debut EP, Long Distance Celebration, on May 4, 2018. This indie punk quartet worked with Lewis Johns (Gnarwolves) and Ryan Schwabe (Modern Baseball) and will be releasing their EP through Failure By Design Records.

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By The Way, I Forgive You, folk rock singer Brandi Carlile's sixth studio album, is an effortless offering from a master of her craft.

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Here Come the Runts, the latest studio album by alt rock band AWOLNATION, is 3 AM at an underground club with flashing strobe lights and melting eyeliner fading into a morning of baggy sweatshirts, greasy breakfast, and golden sunlight

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Lemuria // Recreational Hate

Recreational Hate, the fourth full-length album from Buffalo, NY-based pop rock band Lemuria, feels like the soundtrack of an indie movie montage while the two star-crossed lovers travel in opposite directions, all the while being pulled back to each other by some unignorable connection. 

The greatest strength of Recreational Hate is the layering and harmony of the duel vocals, as well as the unique vocal melodies and rhythms that create unfamiliar but catchy riffs throughout the album. The addition of brass on certain songs...

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States Avenue // Happycry

Happycry, the new EP by Tallahassee-based alternative indie band States Avenue, is exactly what the album name suggests: an album overflowing with feelings, and emotions that cannot be confined to one insufficient label. 

Musically, States Avenue has a similar sound to Explosions in the Sky, with moody, guitar-heavy instrumentals that provoke an emotional response in the listener without...

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Father Mountain // Apartment Living

Nashville-based alternative indie rock band Father Mountain’s new full length album, Apartment Living, feels like driving to a Friendsgiving dinner under grey skies with a casserole dish balanced on the seat next to you, wondering how you got old enough to be celebrating your own holidays but also grateful for and content with where you're at. 

Father Mountain’s sound fluctuates from classically pop punk to alternative/indie, with serious...

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Low Mass // Sleepwalker

Sleepwalker, the first EP by Nashville-based alternative rock band Low Mass, feels like walking through your old neighborhood on a cloudy afternoon, trying to peer into the windows of boarded up houses through the overgrown yards.

Musically and vocally, Sleepwalker is very reminiscent of early Manchester Orchestra. The instrumentals have a similar...

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Julien Baker // Turn Out the Lights

Turn Out the Lights, second full-length studio album from Memphis-based singer-songwriter Julien Baker, is an early November walk through your favorite park, when the very last flowers are dying off for the season, but everything is still unspeakably beautiful.

The music in Turn Out the Lights is understated -- soft, lyrical guitar, strings, and piano with no blatant melody, designed to be a...

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