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Josh Gray // Songs Of The Highway

It’s no secret that country music has evolved since establishing its roots in Nashville. Countless artists continue to lean into the genre for its down-to-earth lyrics and timeless sound. Singer-songwriter Josh Gray is no exception, as he lends a hand in capturing that signature classic feeling while offering an unapologetic view on society today, which transfers directly into his delivery.

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Gracie & The Valley // Chrysanthemum

The upcoming album from Nashville based indie pop group Gracie & The Valley is a flowing series of intuitive discoveries. From the initial spark of a newfound love to the glowing honeymoon stage, from the slow erosion of emotions to leaving nothing behind but the shaken shell of what was once a blooming flower, Chrysanthemum captures both the golden and the gloomy, the sweet and the sour of a relationship as it blooms and withers through the seasons.

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Pumpkinseed // Big Believin' Sky

Tennessee based five piece Pumpkinseed have been crafting soul infused rock and roll for the past few years, with their first release having been in 2016. Their latest album, Big Believin' Sky, will be released on June 15 and will be followed by a record release show at The 5 Spot in Nashville on June 20.

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