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Preview: Chase Atlantic // Phases

Alt-pop Australian trio Chase Atlantic surfaced in 2014 and have certainly made a name for themselves along the way. Their unique blend of genres highlights their lyricism in a way that some might find hard to categorize. Fueled by dark, gloomy stories paired with upbeat, high energy beats, Chase Atlantic’s music is infectious - you’ll be grooving to the music before you know it!

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Insignificant Other // i'm so glad i feel this way about you

Up and coming indie pop band Insignificant Other released their debut album, i’m so glad I feel this way about you, on April 17th. This Birmingham, Alabama based trio pulls from a broad range of musical influences which can be heard across the following 13 tracks. Vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Sim Morales puts all of their emotion into each and every song from the highest highs to the lowest lows, both with lyrics and range.

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Gracie & The Valley // Chrysanthemum

The upcoming album from Nashville based indie pop group Gracie & The Valley is a flowing series of intuitive discoveries. From the initial spark of a newfound love to the glowing honeymoon stage, from the slow erosion of emotions to leaving nothing behind but the shaken shell of what was once a blooming flower, Chrysanthemum captures both the golden and the gloomy, the sweet and the sour of a relationship as it blooms and withers through the seasons.

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Cinders // Looking Forward To Looking Back

The second album from Salt Lake City’s six piece band Cinders, Looking Forward To Looking Back, is the perfect soundtrack for those nights that you find yourself staring up at the stars, reveling in the magic of it all. Looking Forward To Looking Back provides a rush of poppy melodies fueled by the kind of synth that you want to sing along to. Yeah, you know the kind.

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The Faim // Summer Is A Curse

Alternative rock pop four piece The Faim come to us from Perth in Western Australia. The band consists of Josh Raven on lead vocals, Michael Bono on lead guitar, bass, and vocals, Stephen Beerkens on bass and keyboard, and Sean Tighe on drums and percussion. Their debut EP, Summer Is A Curse, was released today. 

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Dani Jack // Grace

We love hearing powerful women in music, and it's clear that pop-country singer songwriter Dani Jack is full of determination when it comes to following her dreams. The Kickstarter that she launched earlier this year payed off (literally) and her debut EP Grace was released on August 31st. With the first listen, it's clear that Dani put her heart and soul into the creative process behind the music.

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Vinyl Theatre // Starcruiser

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Vinyl Theatre put out their fourth album, Starcruiser, on August 31st. The trio, comprised of Keegan, Chris, and Nick, released their previous album Origami only last year. The latest release, Starcruiser, is an eleven-track indie/electronic album with a song for just about everyone and achieves even more than Origami did.

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Cosmic Halitosis // Where Is She?

Welcome to our first installment of Throwback Thursday album reviews! This week, we're coming at you with a release from January of this year from Cosmic Halitosis.

Cosmic Halitosis is a three piece punk rock group from Frederick, MD. According to their “about us” page on Facebook, the band strives to “shave the unnecessary fat of the rock 'n' roll turkey.”

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Mayday Parade // Sunnyland

Alternative pop punk band Mayday Parade are back with their newest album, Sunnyland, which was released on June 15th and includes thirteen unique and diverse songs. While a good portion of Sunnyland is the loud and fast paced Mayday Parade we all know and love, quite a few of the songs are slower acoustic ballads. Mayday Parade uses Sunnyland to talk about how not everyone is alone and to also help those with broken hearts mend, while themes of lost or unrequited love is also threaded through the lyrics.

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Peter Wise // Unattached

Brooklyn based pop artist Peter Wise released a ten track album, Unattached, this past Friday through Villainy Records. Unattached is full of beachy bops with summer time vibes intertwined with classic and modern styles that blend seamlessly. There's an East Coast undertone to Wise's music-- a confident quality of sorts that has no barriers.

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I Feel Fine // Long Distance Celebration

I Feel Fine, an indie punk quartet based out of Brighton, UK, are gearing up to release their debut EP, Long Distance Celebration, on May 4, 2018. This indie punk quartet worked with Lewis Johns (Gnarwolves) and Ryan Schwabe (Modern Baseball) and will be releasing their EP through Failure By Design Records.

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Cinematic: Scene Two, a 4-track EP by Nashville-based indie pop singer-songwriter Amy Peters, is a perfect sampler box of pop music for the new listener. 

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Lemuria // Recreational Hate

Recreational Hate, the fourth full-length album from Buffalo, NY-based pop rock band Lemuria, feels like the soundtrack of an indie movie montage while the two star-crossed lovers travel in opposite directions, all the while being pulled back to each other by some unignorable connection. 

The greatest strength of Recreational Hate is the layering and harmony of the duel vocals, as well as the unique vocal melodies and rhythms that create unfamiliar but catchy riffs throughout the album. The addition of brass on certain songs...

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Fever Blush // Remember, Forget

Remember, Forget, the two-track EP from Nashville-based four piece, Fever Blush, feels like an indie movie soundtrack, both cinematic and understated. 

The two songs cleverly follow the tone suggested by the title, with "Remember" being a bit brighter and jauntier, and "Forget" more somber. In several moments, particularly in...

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Choir Vandals // Dark Glow

Dark Glow, the debut full-length album from St. Louis-based alternative indie rock band Choir Vandals, sounds the way the quiet ending of something big feels on a rainy summer day: soft, bittersweet, and introspective.

Choir Vandals maintains a mature, consistent sound throughout their album — somewhere between Fleet Foxes and The 1975, with an Airborne Toxic Event flair — that rides on Austin McCutchen’s unique vocal style and a muted musical effect.

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