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Preview: Chase Atlantic // Phases

Alt-pop Australian trio Chase Atlantic surfaced in 2014 and have certainly made a name for themselves along the way. Their unique blend of genres highlights their lyricism in a way that some might find hard to categorize. Fueled by dark, gloomy stories paired with upbeat, high energy beats, Chase Atlantic’s music is infectious - you’ll be grooving to the music before you know it!

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Divided Heaven // Cold War

Los Angeles based band Divided Heaven recently released their third album, Cold War. The album is the most down to earth, raw, real release the band has come up with so far. Vocalist and songwriter Jeff Berman poured his heart and soul into the lyrics, truly bearing all and leaving nothing out. Berman’s songs resonate with listeners because of the heartfelt stories they tell in true punk rock fashion.

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Cosmic Halitosis // Where Is She?

Welcome to our first installment of Throwback Thursday album reviews! This week, we're coming at you with a release from January of this year from Cosmic Halitosis.

Cosmic Halitosis is a three piece punk rock group from Frederick, MD. According to their “about us” page on Facebook, the band strives to “shave the unnecessary fat of the rock 'n' roll turkey.”

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Mayday Parade // Sunnyland

Alternative pop punk band Mayday Parade are back with their newest album, Sunnyland, which was released on June 15th and includes thirteen unique and diverse songs. While a good portion of Sunnyland is the loud and fast paced Mayday Parade we all know and love, quite a few of the songs are slower acoustic ballads. Mayday Parade uses Sunnyland to talk about how not everyone is alone and to also help those with broken hearts mend, while themes of lost or unrequited love is also threaded through the lyrics.

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I Feel Fine // Long Distance Celebration

I Feel Fine, an indie punk quartet based out of Brighton, UK, are gearing up to release their debut EP, Long Distance Celebration, on May 4, 2018. This indie punk quartet worked with Lewis Johns (Gnarwolves) and Ryan Schwabe (Modern Baseball) and will be releasing their EP through Failure By Design Records.

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Island Fire, the follow up album to 2015's The Seaside EP, is clean cut and crisp, like an early winter morning. With a polished quality that's consistent throughout, and an instrumental sound that crescendos like an ocean wave, it's surprising to learn that Whale Bones consists of only two full time members, vocalist / guitarist Nathan Kane and drummer Paul Lierman. 

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Father Mountain // Apartment Living

Nashville-based alternative indie rock band Father Mountain’s new full length album, Apartment Living, feels like driving to a Friendsgiving dinner under grey skies with a casserole dish balanced on the seat next to you, wondering how you got old enough to be celebrating your own holidays but also grateful for and content with where you're at. 

Father Mountain’s sound fluctuates from classically pop punk to alternative/indie, with serious...

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The Front Bottoms // Going Grey

Going Grey, the fourth full-length album from Jersey-based indie rock band The Front Bottoms, is the background music at a college house party – laid back, tongue-in-cheek, and simultaneously classic and modern.  

Going Grey has a clear electronic musical influence that is married with more traditional emo and pop punk sensibilities. The instrumentals are clean and bright, and the vocals are...

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Citizen // As You Please

As You Please, the latest release and third full length album from indie pop punk band Citizen, is an in-the-background soundtrack to a mid-summer high school graduation party, when everyone kind of just wants to move on to the next stage of their lives.

As You Please has a relatively chunky, late 90's rock sound, but some songs have a more modern feel with elements of...

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Early Riser // Currents

Currents, the debut album by feminist indie pop-punk band Early Riser, feels like a quiet vacation day spent in a wood-paneled cabin, waiting for a morning rain shower to pass — hints of bittersweet, but mostly just reveling in the simplicity of the moment.

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