The Medicine Dolls // A Good Chance Of Bad Weather

Written by Kayla Albee


The Medicine Dolls

EP: A Good Chance Of Bad Weather

Release date: August 10, 2018

The Medicine Dolls are a post-punk rock band based out of Cape Town, South Africa. Complete with a vintage NYC underground vibe, this three piece is sure to draw you in from the first listen. Made up of vocalist / guitarist Greg Allen, bassist Bex Nicholas, and drummer Daniel Paulse, The Medicine Dolls released their three track EP A Good Chance Of Bad Weather earlier this month. 

A heavy theatrical aspect wraps the title track (along with the entire EP) in a warm embrace and delivers it with just enough of a punch to balance perfectly between raw punk rock verses and seemingly polished music-box-gone-awry inspired choruses. Greg Allen's melodramatic vocals are well delivered with an artsy flare that doesn't overpower the instrumentals.

 The second track, "Careful Affection," is a sea sick melody detailing a downward spiral with apathetic delivery and the same sort of twinkly chorus as the opening track. "Sick Little Cynics" closes out the EP with pounding drums and lively vocals while a candy coated "la-la-la-la-la" helps to solidify the theatrical aspect of the EP.

Like a surprising treat that you'd find in an oddities shop, A Good Chance Of Bad Weather is delightfully unusual. This EP makes it clear that The Medicine Dolls have curated an exclusive  sound for the sensible adult who has perhaps graduated from the self deprecating throws of their early teen angst but still dabbles in the drab from time to time. With A Good Chance Of Bad Weather being a three track EP, it's safe to say that a full length from The Medicine Dolls will not disappoint. 

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