Tim Barry // High On 95

Written by J.M


Tim Barry // High On 95

Release date: September 8, 2017

Label: Chunksaah Records

Acoustic folk punk artist Tim Barry’s newest album, High on 95, feels like watching the sun set over a creek from the back of a pickup truck. The highlight of the album comes from the storytelling lean of Tim Barry's lyrics, which is evident throughout all of his previous releases.

This starts from the opening song, “Slow Down”: “From the time I left Brooklyn / I’d seen enough / Out of time / Out of luck / By the time I left Brooklyn I’d given up … So I moved to a new town to get away / To get right and make a new name / By the time I left Brooklyn I’d nearly gone insane … There came a time to stay home and hide away / To get up and watch the rain / And sort through these feelings of isolation and shame.”

These simple yet deeply personal lyrics, especially combined with the soft, acoustic instrumentals that are almost always over-shadowed by Tim's rough, raw vocals, creates an intimate experience for the listener. While not all of the songs have the same somber tone, they all share the same sensibilities of plain lyrics that provide moving insight into everyday life without being flowery or sentimental in the slightest.

While High on 95 can sound a bit barren at times, due to the limited accompaniment, the melodies do follow a folksy tradition with slight repetition from song got song. Any of these tracks would be at home played in a small venue or country bar, with friends around you singing along to the lyrics. Overall, Tim Barry’s High on 95 is a solid album that will likely appeal to listeners who enjoy folk or country crossover in their music. 

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