Passion Pit // Tremendous Sea of Love

Written by J.M


Passion Pit // Tremendous Sea of Love

Release Date: July 28, 2017

Label: Wishart Group Recordings

Tremendous Sea of Love, Cambridge-based indie-tronica artist Passion Pit's fourth full-length album, feels like standing on the misty shore of a lake in the early morning hours, waiting for the rest of the world to wake up.

Compared to previous releases, Tremendous Sea of Love relies more on synth sounds and R&B beats, which seems to be a trend of 2017. This creates a more ethereal and abstract album, with some songs trailing into minutes of what could be a peaceful yoga meditation. Keeping in line with this experimental direction, the lyrical melodies are very understated, nontraditional, and ultimately underwhelming.

"Hey K"'s chorus, "He will love you till the end of time / Until the end of time / A beautiful design, ridding all of your pain in a landslide / A beautiful design," could be part of dozens of songs.

In "You Have the Right," the first verse opens with: "It only went higher with feet to the fire / Your hands on my shoulders, my lips to your hands / And grass so much greener and air that much clearer." These lyrics have a bit more originality and pzazz, but still lack a certain pathos that can truly connect the audience to the song.

The closing track, "For Sondra (It Means the World to Me)" is beautiful and touching, yet still lacks deep creative substance in the lyrics that previous Passion Pit releases contain.

Tremendous Sea of Love is definitely a decent album for fans of earlier Passion Pit, but likely a strong release for fans of more experimental electronica. 

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