Vinyl Theatre // Starcruiser

Written by Hanna Branch


Vinyl Theatre

Album: Starcruiser

Release date: August 31, 2018

Label: outerwave records

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Vinyl Theatre put out their fourth album, Starcruiser, on August 31st. The trio, comprised of Keegan, Chris, and Nick, released their previous album Origami only last year. The latest release, Starcruiser, is an eleven-track indie/electronic album with a song for just about everyone and achieves even more than Origami did.

“Our Song,” the first track off Starcruiser, establishes the overall sound and theme for the album in a genuine way without forcing it on the listener or making it feel awkward. The song begins with “This is our song / I sing it at night / These are the best days of our lives.” This idea of owning what you make and enjoying life repeats multiple times throughout the album and across other songs like “We Make The Music.” In the bridge we hear “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Starcruiser” in a tone one might hear over an airplane loudspeaker. This works well in the first song as it not only continues with the overall premise but also welcomes the listener to the album.

The second song, “Feel It All,” takes the listener into a slightly different direction. This song has a major hype feel to it and moves the album right along. Lyrics such as “Break me down but I don’t fall / There’s madness in this burning soul,” and “And we all get down and we all get high / Cause everybody, everybody all just wanna feel it all / Feel something,” carries a tone that many musicians describe in their music-- the song talks about being strong enough to take whatever the world might throw at you and standing even if you fall.

Other notable lyrics include “Out in the sun / Make it feel fun / Learning how to cry / Learning how to love / I’m alive” (“Knock Knock”) and “Said I don’t care for your demands / I don’t want what you had planned” (“Vandals.”)

Overall, Starcruiser tilts between hopeful & empowering and dark stories with optimism from song to song. This shift is done seamlessly and is easy to follow along with. From their previous album to now, Vinyl Theatre have changed only slightly in sound but matured in lyrical content.  The songs on Starcruiser are relatable in many ways and offer a good mix between upbeat tracks and even a little acoustic action. Now, sit back, relax, put on the album, and enjoy your ride on the Starcruiser.

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