When Gil Rodriguez isn't making music with AZ based punk rock group The Combat Medic, he's crafting music for his solo project, Ghost In The Willow. Missing Persons, Ghost In The Willow's recent EP, was released on October 13, 2017 and contains seven well rounded tracks that put a new spin on a comfortable, classic style while maintaining a refreshing, matured sound. Continue reading to check out an EP review, as well as in interview with Gil where we musical talk influences, Gil's writing process, and top tracks to play live.

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The Run Up, a five piece band from Bristol, UK, are gearing up to release a self titled album on November 15 on Real Ghost Records (UK/Europe) and Get Party Records (North America). They've previously released two EP's -- one towards the end of 2014, and one towards the end of 2015, as well as a two song EP earlier this year.

Oh, did I mention that they just recently came over to the states to play at FEST in Gainesville, FL at the end of last month? Because they did. They've been busy, and it shows! Continue reading to check out an interview with vocalist Larry and bassist Daniel, as well as a review of their new album below. 

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If you've ever found yourself wondering what all exactly is being cooked up in the hot Los Angeles sun, feast your eyes (err, ears, rather) on the Rundown Kreeps. They have a new album (with some older tracks included) out now, titled Illside Village.

From the fun, colorful album art to the rapid fire track list, this album is one that you can come back to time and time again without feeling bored. Click to continue after the jump to check out our review of their latest release, as well as an interview with vocalist / guitarist Richard. 

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FEST Feature - Hora Douse

This week, our featured artist is Hora Douse from Manchester, UK. While they only have a few tracks currently out, Hora Douse have done a fantastic job at laying down the framework for future releases with their inventive, unique sound. Continue reading to learn more about their music, find out when they're playing at FEST, and check out an interview with vocalist / gutiarist Tom Lee.

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FEST Feature - Rebuilder

There are only 28 days left until FEST, and we are so incredibly excited for this years lineup! This week, our featured artist is Boston based punk rock band Rebuilder. This energetic five piece recently released an EP titled Sounds From The Massachusetts Turnpike which is jam packed with classic punk rock rhythms, steady vocals with a hint of edge, and choruses that are bound to be stuck on "repeat" in your head. Read on to see our thoughts on the album and to check out an interview with Rebuilder's bassist, Daniel! 

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FEST Feature - Gutless

While countless musicians will make the trek to North Florida from across the country and, in some cases, out of the country this October for FEST, let's not forget about the talented artists residing in Gainesville all year long. This week, we're focusing on Gutless, a four piece alternative-indie group with punk undertones who are...

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FEST Feature - Spanish Love Songs

California-- somewhere that I have yet to be, but hope to go. The pull of the west coast is backed by it's music scene-- seemingly constant shows, talented artists waiting to be discovered, and the fact that I am from the east coast has me curious about how the two compare. For our sixth installment of our weekly FEST Feature, we're showcasing a group who resides in Los Angeles. 

Spanish Love Songs, a five piece punk rock band from Los Angeles, CA, are making their way down to Gainesville, FL this October to perform at FEST 16. Their 2015 debut album...

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FEST Feature - Kid You Not

Did you know that there are only 45 days left until FEST? That is, if you're reading this on September 11, 2017. It's getting close!

With that being said, we're excited to introduce you to yet another FEST band who we hope that you'll enjoy. Meet Kid You Not, a four piece band from St. Augustine, FL. With having just recently signed to Deep Elm Records...

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FEST Feature - Bong Mountain

Michigan has gifted us with a variety of different creations over the years-- traffic lanes, Faygo soda, breakfast cereal...the list goes on. More recently, Bong Mountain emerged from Michigan with pop punk rock jams and a five track EP that will draw you in time and time again.

With Bong Mountain playing FEST this year, now is as good of a time as any to give them a listen if you haven't done so before. Read on to learn about their music, check out an interview with their drummer, Matt, and see some photos courtesy of Nick Zimmer Photography

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FEST Feature - Quinn Cicala

Welcome to our third weekly FEST feature! This week's artist is Myrtle Beach, SC based acoustic folk / punk artist Quinn Cicala. With having multiple releases under their belt, Quinn Cicala's music takes you by the hand and invites you on a behind the scenes journey through the inner workings of his personal life and self musings. 

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FEST Feature - The Handsome Scoundrels

For our second installment of Fest Features (only 10 more Friday's to go in case you were counting) we are happy to introduce you to The Handsome Scoundrels. This three piece pop punk group formed in Alabama back in 2010. They released a new EP this morning though OutLoud! Records, titled Thick Cuts which you can listen to right here

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FEST Feature - Jason Guy Smiley

With FEST approaching on the not-so-distant horizon, we will be showcasing a different musician for each Friday leading up to FEST so that you can check out artists that you may not have heard of yet. Who knows, you may discover your new favorite artist! 

This weeks Featured FEST artist is Jason Guy Smiley, an artist whose live shows can transform into a fun sing-along party. Jason Guy Smiley is performing...


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Kaitie Wade, a Seattle native now living in Nashville, is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Having moved to Music City in order to pursue her dream of becoming a successful musician, Kaitie is off to a promising start. Carefully crafting feel-good pop country songs jam packed with personal, inspiring, and well placed lyrics, Kaitie's talent shines on her five track EP, Starts With A Song. 

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Meet VOLK, a powerhouse duo turning out bold, infectious tracks that will make you want to move your body and stomp your feet to the music. While currently based out of Nashville, VOLK members Chris (vocals and guitar) and Eleot (vocals and drums) fused their creative interests while in Germany. What they brought back to the states was...

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Having recently released a self titled demo in February of this year, Eugene, OR based four piece ICED's message is clear-- they have something to say, and you're going to listen.

Described by vocalist, Elle, "ICED is femme power that comes and packs a punch with a lot of energy-- hardcore that is meant to be a party and accessible for everyone."

We were recently able to do an interview with ICED band members Elle and Jordan. We talked about the PNW DIY scene, influential musicians, speaking out against abusers, and how the PNW music scene can grow. Continue reading to check it out, along with a review of their recent demo, and shots from a PDX show! 

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Dana Marie is a singer / songwriter who has recently graduated from Nashville's Belmont university, a prestigious school offering multiple music based degrees. Mixing her own personal experiences with the broader feelings of discovering your true self and following your heart, rather than the expectations that have been set out for you, Dana's album, SHE, paints a picture that is familiar to many, yet with a more personal twist.

Read on to learn more about Dana Marie, check out our album review and interview, and to see some live shots from a recent show that she played in Nashville! 

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