The Run Up // Feature Friday

Written by: Kayla Lee


The Run Up

Album: S/T

Release date: November 15, 2017

Label: Real Ghost Records / Get Party Records

The Run Up, a five piece band from Bristol, UK, are gearing up to release a self titled album on November 15 on Real Ghost Records (UK/Europe) and Get Party Records (North America). They've previously released two EP's -- one towards the end of 2014, and one towards the end of 2015, as well as a two song EP earlier this year.

Oh, did I mention that they just recently came over to the states to play at FEST in Gainesville, FL at the end of last month? Because they did. They've been busy, and it shows!

Right off the bat, The Run Up's new album displays the band's musical growth-- although their previous releases are enjoyable and fun to bop around to, the ST release has a more polished sound a refreshing, yet familiar, quality-- while the music is more pop punk than punk rock, vocalist Larry comes through with rough (but not aggressive) vocals that can draw in fans of different genres. 

"WKND", the opening track, dives right into the feeling of carefree summer nights -- the driving guitars act as the backbone of the song, with lyrics like "we'll stretch out on the grass in the sun" and 'feels like we never left each other's side", it sounds like a song that you'd throw on at a party with friends and let all of the cares of the day drift away.

One aspect of the album that's interesting is that all of the songs are upbeat and fast paced. There isn't a slow song on the track list, which is a bit unusual since most artists switch up the tempo throughout a release. However, if it doesn't come naturally there's no need to force it, and I actually like the fact that this album fires off one high energy song after another. 

With bustling drum beats and clean cut rhythms, there's at least one song on the album that will pull you in, if not more-- if you're a pop punk fan then you'll dig it, and if you're more of a punk / alternative rock fan, you'll dig it, too. 

Check out their previous releases on Bandcamp, stream their new album on Dying Scene, and stay up to date with them on Facbeook

Left: Larry - vocalist | Middle: ST album art | Right: Harry - drummer

Photos taken at FEST in Gainesville, FL by: Miranda Jayne

Larry and Daniel answered some questions about their FEST experience, dream tour packages, and near future plans -- check out their answers below to learn a bit more about them! 

Q: How did you all find out about FEST?

A: Larry: About ten years ago, lots of DIY bands from the UK started talking about going over to play in Gainesville at the Fest and every year more and more were going over.  It was only a matter of time before I felt that I would have to save up and get over there.

Daniel: Erm... Not entirely sure to be honest. This year (Fest16) was my 7th Fest. I had a lot of friends who used to go back in the real early days but my personal circumstances wouldn't allow me to go. But now I cant stop!

Q: What are your favorite memories from FEST weekend?

A: Larry: Playing to a packed Loosey's on the Sunday was amazing.  But more than that, having the opportunity to catch up with so many old friends and make lots of new ones and go and see their bands was such a treat.

Daniel: Memories? What are they? I can barely remember my bass parts, let alone things from a boozy weekend! Where to start though?! It was great catching up with so many buds who I don't get to see apart from at Fest. Seeing our boys Wolvesx4 play to a packed room was rad. New Junk City and Bike Tuff sets were amazing fun. I had so much fun during our set. Someone told us after that it was 1-in-1-out during our set which is incredible. We expected five token friends to be there out of politeness so that was pretty wild. Looking up and seeing a bunch of friends and new faces smiling and singing along was tight! 

Q: Did you get to see any bands that you've been wanting to check out, and if so, who?

A: Larry: We all went to see Spanish Love Songs who were absolutely incredible.  It's such a joy to see a band at the top of their game playing to a crowd who were loving it!  We also all went down to Bo Diddley to watch Iron Chic not long after we played.  We were all still buzzing from playing and had a great time singing every word.

Daniel: In terms of bands that I haven't seen before... Spanish Love Songs ripped; Laureate were great and played my favorite song; Vacation Bible School were so much fun; The Scandals went in hard and killed it! 

Q: Are there any major differences between the music scene in the UK vs the US? 

A: Larry: It's hard to really judge the US scene as we only did a short tour on the way down to Fest.  I would say that the crowds are definitely older (we mainly played in bars) but the feeling is more or less the same.

Daniel: People are nicer in the US. We had so much posi feedback after playing every night on tour. From people watching, other bands, promoters, bar staff... In the UK everyone is more cliquey and reserved. Another thing is venues; there are so many rad spots in the US that solely support DIY music. 

Q: What's your dream tour line up, both to watch live and to participate in? 

A: Larry: I would love to see Latterman get back together for another run of shows, maybe with Lifetime and Kid Dynamite.  All still possible!

Daniel: Tough one! Can it be a touring festival? Like Warped but less sexually aggressive? To be part of:

Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves
Bong Mountain
Bike Tuff
New Junk City
Iron Chic
Great Cynics
Alkaline Trio
Bouncing Souls

To watch... It would once again be a touring festival.

Benton Falls
Appleseed Cast
Wu Tang
Typical Cats
The Get Up Kids
Promise Ring
Pop Unknown
Sleater Kinney
Explosions in the Sky
The Album Leaf
Sigur Ros
Blu & Exile
Kool G Rap

Q: With your newest album currently streaming, do you have any exciting upcoming tour plans?

A: Larry: We are going to be doing a run of shows in the UK and Europe with the French band Quitters in January and are planning more adventures for 2018 including playing a festival in Zurich in May.  More to follow.

Daniel: Yes! We are hitting the road with our French buddies Quitters in January and then heading over to Europe in May. Who knows, we may be in the US again this time next year...

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