Written by Kayla Albee



BLED FEST, an annual music festival that's in its 13th year, took place on Saturday, May 27th in Howell, Michigan at the Hartland Performing Arts Center. We got the chance to interview Wildhoney, an indie shoegaze five piece hailing from Balitmore, Maryland. Read on to learn a bit about them, and to see some photos that we snapped at the festival.

Q: Since ya'll are from Baltimore, how does the music scene there compare to different cities that you've gotten to experience while on tour?

A: Like Baltimore,  there are people hungry for pop music that can be one part welcoming and one part visceral in all the cities we have played. 

Q: Your Face Sideways has an incredibly beautiful and unique sound to it. Which artists have collectively been an inspiration in your creative process? 

A: A lot of times songs come from two different places, one is a place of artistic/personal anxiety and yes, artists we love.

Being more specific though the A-Side was influenced by The Feelies, early REM and The Sundays.

The B-side was us exploring our interest in improvisation, electronics, repetition, synths, field recordings and flutes.

Q: I know that ya'll are currently on tour. What's been your favorite place to play so far and why? 

A: Every night on our current tour we've played with bands and friends that inspire us. You can't ask for more then that.

Q: Which artist(s) are you looking the most forward to seeing at BLED FEST? 

A: We are looking forward to seeing our buds in La Dispute, who we toured with about a year an half ago.

Nice Try from Bloomington and there are some hip hop acts we are excited to see as well. Bands not related to BLED FEST that we are excited bout: Jock Gang,  Romantic States, Shady Bug, Bugg, Froth, Strange Passage and Big Bliss.

You can listen to Wildhoney on Bandcamp, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

Wild Honey | BLED FEST | Howell, MI