Spanish Love Songs // FEST Feature Friday

Written by: Kayla Lee

Califorinia-- somewhere that I have yet to be, but hope to go. The pull of the west coast is backed by it's music scene-- seemingly constant shows, talented artists waiting to be discovered, and the fact that I am from the east coast has me curious about how the two compare. For our sixth installment of our weekly FEST Feature, we're showcasing a group who resides in Los Angeles. 

Spanish Love Songs, a five piece punk rock band from Los Angeles, CA, are making their way down to Gainesville, FL this October to perform at FEST 16. Their 2015 debut album, Giant Sings The Blues contains a blast of pure, enthusiastic punk rock that hits you with track after track of memorable lyrics and robust guitars paired with dependable drums that won't quit. 

Vocalist/guitarist Dylan has a sort of smoothness to his often rough vocals, reminiscent of The Menzingers paired with Iron Chic, with his own special twist. With themes of self reflection prominent throughout the ten track release, lyrics such as "I've wasted a quarter of a century / worried about how much time I've been wasting / Imagine something greater than just / being a waiter or a failure / And everyone since I was three has expected only the best of me " in the track "Dying" is anything but sugar coated, and everything but comforting. 

Comparable lyrics are offered throughout the album, and the entire composition is tied together by a stripped down acoustic track, "Bright Day", which pulls on your heartstrings and conveys the pure feeling of vulnerability. 

You can listen to the album, released on Wiretap Records, in it's entirety on Spotify and Bandcamp. The latter also offers Little Giants, a 2016 release of B-Sides and Demos, which offers acoustic tracks and a toned down vibe. Nevertheless, the lyrics are catchy and the music flows in a natural sort of way. 

Left: Spanish Love Songs | photo by: Jake Robinson

Right: Cover of Giant Sings The Blues

Spanish Love Songs are performing at the FEST venue Loosey's at 5:30 PM on Saturday, October 28, 2017. If you're at FEST, stop by and check them out. You can view the entire FEST schedule right here to see what other artists you'd like to add to your list. 

In the meantime, stay up to date with the band on Facebook and Twitter

I chatted with vocalist / guitarist, Dylan, about FEST, advice for new musicians, and the best show that Spanish Love Songs have played (so far)! Check out his answers below. 

Q: With this being the first year that you're playing FEST, what are you the most excited for?

A: Too many things! We've never actually played a show on the east coast, so there's that. I think we're mostly excited to get on stage and hopefully find some people who're interested in bumming out with us.

All of us are losers and have never actually been to FEST either, so as much as we're looking forward to playing, I think we're equally looking forward to watching so many bands that we love. 

Q: What artists are you looking forward to seeing at FEST?

A: So many that we won't actually get to see them all. Obviously, Against Me! & Smoking Popes are huge for us. In having to think about this, I also just realized The Movielife are playing, which I never thought I'd get to see again. The Flatliners will shred, per usual, so that's always fun.

Any time spent watching the homies in Great Cynics is the best. I have friends who tell me I have to see Apologies, i have none, The Dirty Nil, Atom And His Package, Iron Chic (new songs!!!) Nightmarathons, Evan Weiss' 17 bands, the politest men on Earth aka The Penske File, Ramona, Young Go Hards... I should stop because I'll just list the entire lineup.

I'm also excited to see some local comics out in Gainesville -- Barbara Grey & Brandie Posey are going to destroy some people.

Q: Thus far, what has been your favorite show/venue to play?

A: November 9th of last year. We played the attic of a house in Salavaux, Switzerland. We woke up to the Trump news, and just had the worst day. But then we got to this house in this tiny village, and it was one of those classic cheesy moments where music saved the day. I'm still baffled, but lots of people showed up. The show went off. We felt so loved. And I was lifted up to crowd surf against my will. Pretty much a perfect night.

Q: What would you love to tell someone who wants to play a big show like FEST, but doesn't know where to start?

A: I honestly don't know how we've managed it. But maybe something like: "write songs you want to hear; find friends who make you seem more talented than you are; find more friends who love you and will force other people to listen to you; fall ass-backwards into the rest." Oh, and don't be a dick-- cue my band laughing at the irony. 

You can stay up to date with Spanish Love Songs on Facebook