Rebuilder // FEST Feature Friday

Written by: Kayla Lee

There are only 28 days left until FEST, and we are so incredibly excited for this years lineup! This week, our featured artist is Boston based punk rock band Rebuilder. This energetic five peice recently released an EP titled Sounds From The Massachusetts Turnpike on Panic State Records, which is jam packed with classic punk rock rhythms, steady vocals with a hint of edge, and choruses that are bound to be stuck on "repeat" in your head. Read on to see our thoughts on the album and to check out an interview with Rebuilder's bassist, Daniel! 


Artist: Rebuilder

Album: Sounds From The Massachusetts Turnpike

Release date: September 1, 2017

Label: Panic State Records / Refuse Rethink Rebuild Records

Rebuilder (1).jpg

Photo Credit: AJ Rebecchi

 Self proclaimed "gnarly punk band from Boston" Rebuilder live up to their title. With Sal and Craig on both vocals and guitar, Daniel on bass, Patrick on the keys, and Brandon on the drums, as well as additional guitar and vocals, Rebuilder creates a full, rich sound that doesn't disappoint.

Kicking off their latest release, Sounds From The Massachusetts Turnpike with a track titled "Mile Or An Inch", the clean guitar riffs fuse with the crisp drum beats to deliver this punchy track complete with sing-along ready lyrics-- "You said there's no second guesses / When you're swinging for the fences / Don't go down without a fight / 'Cause it doesn't matter if you're missin' by a mile or an inch kid / But at least you know you tried". Although the opening track, this could easily be a fan favorite due to the catchy aspect of the lyrics and message behind them. 

As the album progresses, the tracks continue to engage and interest the listener. With no clear "filler tracks", Rebuilder have put together an album with a polished version of the sounds from their previous releases, which are made up of a 2013 EP and 2015 full length, as well as a Christmas EP and a two track 2016 release. 

The third track, 'Get Up", features a pop-punk infused chorus and fast paced vocal delivery of "Get up / Get up / Get up / No one's falling here / Are you half awake / Or are you half asleep?" This track in particular has the ability to replay in your mind-- you'll most likely catch yourself humming the tune later in the day-- at least that's what happened to me! 

"The World Is An Asshole" has a surprisingly upbeat sound, despite the track title. With an older punk rock sound shining through (think The Lawrence Arms "Demons"), this track has the ability to send you back in time, to a summer that's dying down while you're cruising around with the best of pals and singing along to a radio that's turned up to the max. 

"Vivir & Morir" does an excellent job of wrapping up the album, leaving the listener to face the daunting reality of the truth in the lyrics "I'll live and die / A thousand times / Before I ever get it right / I'm coming up short / Leaving so much more / To be desired every time". Overall, this album is a fantastic representation of what Rebuilder is all about. While Sounds From The Massachusetts Turnpike is a solid release on its own, I have the feeling that seeing the band perform  live will add to the feelings of solidarity that are expressed within each song's individual lyrics, making them relatable to all, yet still personalized. You can lIsten to the album in full on Spotify and Bandcamp

You can catch Rebuilder at FEST on Saturday, October 28 2017 at Loosey's from 8 - 8:30 PM. You can also catch their cover set of Blink 182's Take Off Your Pants And Jacket earlier that same day at Tall Paul's from 3:50 - 4:20 PM. Check out the entire FEST schedule here to see what other artists you'd like to watch! 

I asked Daniel, who plays bass in Rebuilder, some questions about FEST, music scenes throughout the states, and of course, their new album! Read his answers below. 

Q: What do you believe sets FEST apart from other music festivals?

A: I love how it always feels like a reunion. Whether in a literal sense with bands reuniting or that time when you catch back up with the friends you've talked with over message boards, phone calls, seeing them tour through your town or you have last crashed on their couch.

Q: What are you the most excited for about FEST this year?

A: If FEST had a prom I would say that 'cause I love a good dance. But grabbing gator tacos from Boca fiesta is always worth it. I will pass along advice I got many festival gigs ago- go see some bands you have never heard of before. That often gets you walking away the most excited from that unexpected rush.

Q: Being from the northeast, how do you find the music scenes to compare in other cities that you've played throughout the states? 

A: Different scenes will always have their comparable differences of the ups and downs, but it's always so interesting to see. I always get caught up on how in the northeast we are in a basement show scene, down south on the east coast it's smoking sports bars with punk shows late nights, and the midwest is retro spots to bowling alleys. The scenes keep the lifeline between each other against the means necessary to do so and that part is perfect. They compare 'cause they care about the same things.

Q: With Sounds From The Massachusetts Turnpike having recently been released, what do you hope for listeners to take away from the album? 

A: We play, write, go see and support music because it helps us escape. It's this real thing we have that's also an opening to this dream world or disconnect from reality.  I want people to take away being able to feel a little relief or escape. Being the background tunes that's shrugged off while catching up with an old friend is fine by me. 

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